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Doing the graduation dance

Strategic efforts, and a little fun along the way, helping students secure degrees earlier

UND Winter Commencement 2018
UND saw one of its largest Winter Commencement classes graduate in December, thanks to series of strategic barrier busting moves by the University that have students dancing out the door with degrees in hand. Photo by Shawna Schill/UND Today.

Students often dance for joy as they graduate.

At winter commencement in December, dignitaries and faculty members on the stage were dancing too.

That’s because the ceremony celebrated one of the largest winter graduations at UND – and a “graduation dance.” (Scroll down for the full list of students who were eligible to graduate)


UND has done a lot of graduating, said Scott Correll, UND registrar.

“We have a higher percentage of students finishing in four to six years than ever before,” he said.

There are a lot of reasons for that, many of them initiatives in the One UND Strategic Plan’s Goal 2, to increase graduation rates.

UND has streamlined graduation requirements to industry and accreditation standards, said Correll. Instead of requiring 125 credits for a bachelor’s degree, UND reduced it to 120 credits, which is in line with other schools. That allowed a lot of students to graduate a semester early, saving them money and letting them enter the job force more quickly. The University has removed other roadblocks as well, without compromising degree quality.

“We’ve made some concerted efforts to help with student success,” said Correll.

Degree mapping

New degree mapping software, developed in conjunction with NDSU, allows students to plan their route to graduation. It extracts graduation requirements from Campus Connection and allows students to plan their courses semester by semester. It lists prerequisites, lets students know if courses will be offered in the fall, spring or every other year, and gives them a printable plan for their four-year degree.

It also lets them compare degrees in case they want to look at other majors. It even details typical careers for each major, national and state salary ranges and skill sets.

And students love it.

Student success

Starfish, a student success system, helps faculty members and advisors connect with students. It sends out early alerts when students aren’t progressing, and “kudos” when they’re excelling. It also helps students and advisors create success plans, ultimately boosting retention and graduation rates.

Increasing the number of student academic core advisors also helps students get more individual attention and knowledge of degree requirements.

Reason to celebrate

That’s resulted in a big payoff, with 826 degrees awarded in December.

It really is a reason to dance for joy, said Fred Wittmann, director of ceremonies & University events, who added a new twist to the commencement ceremony.

“Graduates wanted their ceremony to be more personal and unique to UND,” Wittmann said. Some students suggested borrowing a UND Hockey tradition of dancing to the song “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis, whenever the Fighting Hawks score a goal at home.

After the “Alma Mater,” undergraduates moved their tassels.

Ladies and gentlemen, Your UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA GRAD – U – ATES!!” launched the song, with streamer sticks and flutterfetti – and dancing in the aisles and on the stage.

“It really was a hit,” said Monica Evavold, University events coordinator. “People were celebrating – the smiles they had! They were dancing with joy.”

The List:

Here’s the complete list of our Winter Commencement graduates, organized alphabetically by hometown and name:


Aneta — Kari Hillesland (BSRHS Cum Laude); Argusville — Seth Adkins (BBA Cum Laude); Belcourt– Skyler DeCoteau (BSCSCI), Kathryn Hall (MS); Berthold — Joe DeRouchey (MS); Beulah — Rachel Funkhouser (BACC Cum Laude), Rose McLaughlin (BA Magna Cum Laude), Joseph Roberson-Kitzman (MPA), Samantha Roth (BSEG), Kaitlynn Rueb (BS); Bismarck — Beth Anderson (MS), Melissa Brendel (MS), Megan Crawford (MS), Tim Davenport (BGS), Benjamin Delzer (BSIT), Amanda Engesser (BA Cum Laude), Logan Fischer (BA Magna Cum Laude), Julie Frank (MEDUCAT), Ashton Hager (MSW), Paige Hardmeyer (MS), Cassady Hope (BS), Erin Jahner (MS), Seth Kreft (BBA), Kylie Miller (BA Magna Cum Laude), Chris Narum (MEDUCAT), Cole Olson (BACC Cum Laude), Haylie Rants (BSN Cum Laude), Jeffery Scholl (MSW), Joshua Seibel (BBA), Kirsty Solberg (BSSW Cum Laude), Christina Striegel (MSW), Alison Traynor (MPH), Taeler Vetter (BA Cum Laude), Kaitlin Weigel (MSW), Bo Yesel (BSEE Magna Cum Laude), Megan Zako (BA); Bowman — Eric Bucholz (BACC); Burlington — Macy Mauck-Christianson (BS Summa Cum Laude); Carrington — Riley Miller (BBA), Mattea Rindy (BSED Cum Laude); Cavalier — Deane Bjornson (BACC Summa Cum Laude); Cooperstown — Carter Anderson (BSME); Crosby — Angela Wanzek (PHD); Dazey —Mariah Hackman (BSED); Devils Lake — Yubin Chen (BACC Cum Laude), Sarah Elfman (MS), Thomas Ford (MPA), Dylan Moser (BAPS Magna Cum Laude); Dickinson — Collin Bren (BBA Cum Laude), Lindsey Danbom (BA), Lallaine Hauser (MEDUCAT), Preston Kubas (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Sierra Rohr (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Jordan Wanner (BGS Cum Laude); Drayton — Kalyn Woinarowicz (BSCJS Cum Laude); Dunseith — Dale Brunelle (PHD), Marissa Llanes (BS), Lynn Martell (MA), Edinburg — Abbie Sondeland (BSN Summa Cum Laude); Fargo — Tracy Athmann (BS Cum Laude), Grant Birmingham (BBA), Corinna Bitz (BSN Cum Laude), Andrew Blumer (BBA), Elisabeth Boatman (BSN), Brandon Boyd (MS), Hannah Camrud (MS), Kal Datz (BS), Thomas George (BBA), Rachel Hohenstein (MS), Chelsey Horner (MS), Dylan Hughes (BACC Summa Cum Laude), Hannah Karlins (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Rebecca Kelly (BBA), Aleksandr Kulikov (MBA), Andrea Lewis (BSN), Emily Melchior (BSN), Andrea Moore (MSW), Morgan Nerat (MSW), Kinsey Papachek (BSN Summa Cum Laude), Leonard Randze (BSN Cum Laude), Ari Rustad (BA Magna Cum Laude), Kaira Schefter (MS), Anna Schimmelpfennig (PHD), Brittney Smith (BSN), Erin Spies (PHD), Jenna Thurston (BSSW Magna Cum Laude), Garrett Trochman (BBA), Alex Widner (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Allyssa Wutzke (MS); Grafton — Enrique Balderas IV (BACC Magna Cum Laude), Ibrahim El-Sarraf (BA), Alexander Martinson (BSKIN), Katherine Sand (JD);

Grand Forks — Kirsten Aafedt (BSED Summa Cum Laude), Dallas Aaker (BBA), Adedoyin Adeyilola (MS), Madison Alme (BBA), Amy Almquist (BA), Amanda Amiot (BBA), Grant Aplin (BBA), Dane Barber (BSA Cum Laude), Chad Bartosh (BS), April Baumgartner (BSRHS), McKayla Baxley (BSN), Bianca Bell (MSW), Andrew Benson (BGS), Natasha Benson (BA), Carly Bergman (BSN), Ceara Berry (BSN), Hayden Bertsch (BBA), Elizabeth Birch (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Amanda Boomgaarden (BSED), Skylar Borg (BS), Dakota Bray (BSA), Tamika Brekke (BSCJS), Aleah Brennan (BSED Cum Laude), Steven Buchhop (MS), Shannon Burgard (BSN), Chad Burke (BSA Cum Laude), Angela Byzewski (BSED Cum Laude), Brian Carmean (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Turner Carr (BSA Cum Laude), Kevin Carver (MS), Aaron Cary (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Sai Mohan Reddy Chirra (MS), Joshua Christianson (BS Cum Laude), Jennie Cinelli (BA), Tanner Corbett (BSIT), Evan Cox (BSA), Rachel Cox (BA Summa Cum Laude), Kasey Crowley (BS), Stephanie Danielson (BBA), Manohar Kumar Reddy Dasannagari (MS), Chase Davis (BSCSCI), Kyle Dewitt (MEDUCAT), Maharshi Dey (MS), Lance DiAngelis (MS), Margaret Dievendorf (MS), Brittany Dvorak (BA), Katherine Edgar (BBA), Zeinab El-Rewini (BAPS Summa Cum Laude), Keonna England (JD), Robert Feaster (BBA Cum Laude), Christine Fiala (BSED), Eveline Fondong (MSW), Luke Gage (BSA), Amber Godfrey (BS), Maggie Godfrey (BA), Rachel Gray (BSKIN), Casey Griffin (BA), David Hamilton (JD), Justin Heinz (MS), Heather Helgeson (MS), Jeremy Holter (BSED), Austin Holtz (BSCSCI), Seth Hovland (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Ryan Hundley (BSA Cum Laude), Sanseong Hwang (BSA Cum Laude), Tyler Jehs (MS), Shelby Johnson (BA), Kurt Jones (BSA), Julia Kaczorowska (BSKIN), Miranda Kaelberer (BSED), Nicholas Kane (BSA), Logan Keitzman (BSN), Alexander Kelly (BA), Ben Kieffer (BBA), Mick Kmett (BSA), Jordan Kramer (BA), Mark Kudryavtsev (BBA), Andrew Larson (BSA), Jaylen Larson (BS), Jenna Laurin (BS Summa Cum Laude), Nicholas Lawson (BSFWB), Brandon LeClair (BSA), Alisha Lindsay (BSCN), Kaylee Loken (BSKIN), Dominique Lord (BSA), Jonah Lund (BS Summa Cum Laude), Bethany Lundby (MS), Paula Lundsten (BSED Summa Cum Laude), Joshua Magana (BSA), Mohammed Mahmoud (PHD), Amanda Martin (BBA), Kathryn Martin (BS), Katie McCoy, (BS), Stephanie McVeigh (BSN Cum Laude), John Merchant (BSKIN), Keaton Merck (BSKIN Cum Laude), Charles Mettille (BSA), Elizabeth Meyer (BSSW Magna Cum Laude), Josephine Moe (BS), Lori Mohagen (MSW), Aisha Mohamed (BS), Karem Mokom (JD), Kimberly Moon (MS), Abby Moore (MSW), Troy Nakauchi (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Blayke Nelson (BBA), Lingzhi Nelson (BACC Summa Cum Laude), Daniel Noakes (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Sean Norton (BSED), Jamie O’Halloran (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Brady Oliveira (BSCJS), Haley Olson (BMUS Summa Cum Laude), Shaylah Olson (BS Magna Cum Laude), Dakotah Osborn (BSA), Alex Osowski (BSA Cum Laude), Ogochukwu Ozotta (MS), Ryan Paape (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Trevor Parson (BSGDT), Michael Pascual (BSA), Haylee Pearce (BA Magna Cum Laude), Brandon Peterson (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Benedikte Pettersen (BSKIN), Hannah Phelps (BA Summa Cum Laude), Matthew Ramage (BBA), Carlos Ramirez (BSA), Jenna Richardson (BSSW Summa Cum Laude), Jessica Risch (BACC Cum Laude), Paige Salwei (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Taylor Sand (BGS), Austyn Schlueter (BSA), Afshin Shabani (PHD), John Simonson (BBA Cum Laude), Darcy Solem (BSSW), Jacob Soukup (BA), Zoee St. Claire (BS), Lucas Stanley (BSME Cum Laude), Jonathon Steinke (BBA), John Stennes (BS Cum Laude), Brandon Stockton (BA), Frank Swiontek (MBA), Madalyn Tessier (BSCHEMEG), Lindsey Thiel (BBA), Christina Striegel (MSW), Zachary Tomczik (BS Cum Laude), Jennifer Trader (BSED Cum Laude), Jordan Turner (BSA), MaKayla Valdez (MA), Spencer Valentine (BA Cum Laude), Akumbom Vekwusi (MBA), Quinn Wahlstrom (BSED), Hongsheng Wang (MS), Yanbo Wang (MS), Laura Warne (BA), Abby Whalen (BBA), Julie Wilberg (MS), Cody Williamson (BSPTE), Ashleah Wimberly (MA), David Wischer (BSED Summa Cum Laude), Andrew Woodard (BSA), Charlotte Woods (BS Cum Laude), Chloe Wylot (BSN Cum Laude), Lu Yang (MS), Barco Yolo (MS), Emily Zink (BS); Grand Forks AFB — Alexandra Schmidt (BBA Cum Laude);

Granville — CJ Sitter (MENGR); Grassy Butte – Sharon Musick (MEDUCAT); Halliday — Chad Dahlen (PHD); Harwood — Alecia Diede (BS Summa Cum Laude); Hatton — Chanli Fladeland (BA); Hazelton — Matthew Mastel (BGS); Hazen — Ryan Schwarz (BBA Magna Cum Laude); Hebron — Tara Heydt (MEDUCAT); Hettinger — Torrin Poss (BS Cum Laude); Hillsboro — Tatiana Berge (BS); Horace — Kaitlin Langerud (BACC); Hunter — Jennifer Goss (BSN Magna Cum Laude); Jamestown — Yawo Badagbo (PHD), Simone Leigh (MS), Kathryn Mcphail (BSIT), Sarah Neva (BSN Magna Cum Laude); Kindred — Casey Heisler (BSRHS); Larimore — Janafer Georgeson (BGS); Leeds — Shelby Jorgenson (BSGDT Cum Laude), Kalvin Slaubaugh (BS Cum Laude); Lincoln — Summer Schnellbach (BA Magna Cum Laude); Lisbon — Jane Braaten (PHD); Mandan — Jordan Axness (BBA), Larissa Eckholm (BA), Nicole Klein-Balkowitsch (BA), Dylan Scherr (BA Magna Cum Laude), Jennifer Tokach (BBA), Casey Wieland (BBA), Manvel — Tia Green (BS); Mayville — Dacey Lopez (BS); Medina — Courtney Heupel (BSED Summa Cum Laude); Michigan – Samantha Reese (BA); Minot — Jessica Bullard (BSSW), Devon Drawz (MS), Katelyn Haberman (BSED), Joshua Hartmann (MBA), Braden Kalamaha (BSEE), Maria Neset (MEDUCAT), Moneesha Noble (BA), Antonia Ouedraogo (BGS), Brianna Skavlem-Marto (BA), Luke Sorum (BSFWB); Minot AFB — Mallory Block (JD); Mohall — Callie Carlson (BA), Sam Carlson (BACC); New Town — Symbria Bell (BACC); Northwood — Julia Sebekow (BBA); Oakes – Jenna Weisz (MS); Osnabrock — Renae McGauvran (BSED Summa Cum Laude); Park River — Zachary Gaarder (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Amber Gillespie (BBA Magna Cum Laude); Pembina — Amber Johnson (PHD); Reynolds — Kimberlea Borgen (BS), Noelle Cutshaw (BS Magna Cum Laude); Rocklake — Brenna Jacobsen (BS Magna Cum Laude); Rolla — Sloan Henry (MA), Rachael Mickelson Hendrickson (MS), Katy Ramey (BSED Summa Cum Laude); Roseglen — Mary Hosie (BSN); Rugby — Brady Fossum (BS); Sarles – Cindy Martin (MEDUCAT); Stanley — Chai Pappa (BBA), Mylah Rostad (BSSW); Strasburg — Devin Roehrich-Cherenzia (MS); Taylor — Kelsie Tyrrell (BSED Magna Cum Laude); Thompson — Shelby Mayers (BSN Cum Laude), Michelle Rakoczy (PHD), Amy Shirek (BSED Summa Cum Laude), Teaunna Storey (BS); Valley City — Gabrielle Cummings (BSSW Magna Cum Laude), Stacey Eggers (BS), Charles Pegg (MPA); Velva — Ellie Johnston (BA), Cora Pfennig (BGS); Wahpeton — Jonathan Bartels (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Kiet Nguyen (BS Cum Laude), Matthew Schuster (BSME), Jessica Vogeler (BSN Summa Cum Laude); Walcott — Hunter Evanson (BS), Kali Heyen (MSW); Wales — Nancy Pillen (MSW); Washburn — Daniel Madche (MS); Watford City — Jenna Cranston (MS), Vincent Wagner (BS); West Fargo — Trent Barkus (JD), Kelsey Bishoff (BS Summa Cum Laude), Kimberly Burken (MS), Danielle Carlson (BA Cum Laude), Abigail Derrig (BGS), Tamara Hofmann (MSW), Katelyn Jipson (BSN), Joseph Lennon (MS), Jessica Morse (BA Magna Cum Laude), Tanner Robberstad (MS); Williston — Yannick Agbor (MS), Cambree Billehus (BSN Cum Laude), Jacob Oleksik (BACC), Joseph Robillard (MSW), Dominic Seidel (BS); Wyndmere — Marcela Fields (BA); Zap — Randi Julson (BACC);


Ada —Theoren Solseng (BS Cum Laude); Alexandria — Melissa Hansen (BA), Matthew Peffer (BSCJS), Abby Telander (BSN Summa Cum Laude); Andover — Carl Hermanson (BBA), Faith Lee (BACC) Jonathon Santiago (BSCJS); Brady Scullen (BSA); Anoka — Hailey Huspek (BA Magna Cum Laude); Apple Valley —Abdiaziz Mohamud (BSEE), Desiree Robinson (BBA Cum Laude), Michael Terry (BSA); Appleton — Kayla Henneberg (MS); Arden Hills — Abigail Bachman (MPH); Argyle — Carly Safranski (BSN); Battle Lake —Nathan Young (BS Cum Laude); Baudette — Janie Sipe (BSED Magna Cum Laude); Baxter — Stacy Tetreault (BACC); Bemidji — Ashley Charwood (MSW), Cody Graham (BSKIN), Brandon Loven (BSKIN), Paige Marty (BA Summa Cum Laude); Big Lake — Madeline Ries (BA); Blaine — Luke Whitcomb (BA); Bloomington — Brady Bjerke (MS), William Hollingsworth (BACC); Bovey — Miracle Edminster (BSPA); Brainerd — Fallon Ryan (BAPS Summa Cum Laude); Breckenridge — Jamie Stollenwerk (MSW); Brooklyn Park — Holly Anderson (BACC Cum Laude), Thomas Neisen (BSEE ); Browns Valley —Tomas Ortega (BSED Magna Cum Laude); Buffalo — Samuel Kreb (BA); Burnsville — Nicholas Dyrstad-Cincotta (MS); Cambridge — Brenna Harrower (BSSW); Cannon Falls — Garrett Samuelson (BSA Summa Cum Laude); Carlton — Brytton George (BSCHEMEG); Carver — Anna Austin (BA); Champlin — Lucas Borowicz (BSA Cum Laude); Chisholm — Victoria Marturano (BA); Clinton — Destiney Grooters (JD); Columbus — Douglas Ahlgren (MSAE); Coon Rapids — Peter Anderson (BACC), Catherine Matike (BSN), Brian McCarthy (MBA ); Cottage Grove — Brandon Christiansen (BA), Hayley Kobe (BA), Colette Nelson (BSGE), Colt Nelson (BSGE), August Ollrich (BBA), Katelyn Uhlendorf (BSED); Crookston — Carrie Diaz (MA), Erin Drown (MEDUCAT), Alexander Kenemore (BSCJS), Chandler St Michel (BAPS); Crystal — Rebecca Mundfrom (BA); Deer Creek — Brooke Thorson (MSW); Deer River — Valerie Howard (BGS); Delano — Zachary Daly (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Austin Gilbert (BSCSCI); Dilworth — Jessica Hall (MS), Andrea Rieder (BS Summa Cum Laude);

Duluth — Leah Davis (MS), Haley Harrold (BA), Andrea Ruberg (BSED); Eagan — Logan Lavandowska (BBA), Taylor O’Shea (BSED), Dana Wegge (BA), Shelby Williams (BSN Cum Laude); East Grand Forks — Terry Clark (BA Cum Laude), Talon Freitag (BBA), Cody Grassel (MS), Jaci Helgeson (BSED Magna Cum Laude), McCayla Jordan (BACC), Adam Judovsky (BSCJS), Rachael Kuznia (BSRHS), LaRae Letexier (BSSW), Hannah Millette (BSED Cum Laude), Alyssa Mitzel (BA), Danyelle Osowski (MS), Judd Parker (BA), Scott Seyler (BBA), Olivia Westover (BSED Cum Laude), Hunter Zeman (BBA); Eden Prairie — Mallory Davison (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Abigail Wright (BSED Cum Laude), Edina — Weston Bennett (BBA), Mary Cutshall (BBA), Allison Duggan (BSED Cum Laude), Morgan Matson (BA Magna Cum Laude), Yeva Mirzoyan (BA); Eitzen — Catrina Krueger (BSA Cum Laude); Elko — Caitlyn Vang (BBA); Erskine — Brendan Morrison (BAPS), Hunter Plante (BA), Madison Stuhaug (BSED Magna Cum Laude), Excelsior — Vincent Biyogo (BS), Hannah Hollenhorst (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Hayley Yeager (BSED Cum Laude); Farmington — Nicole Heagy (BA), Chandler Renken (BSME), Nicholas Stephan (BSCJS), Austin Sutter (BBA); Fergus Falls — Josiah Burkhardsmeier (BSCSCI), Cassandra Eerdmans (BSEE Magna Cum Laude), Shelli Wolenetz (BA); Fisher — Kane Perrin (BSKIN); Forest Lake — Micah Ison (BA), Alexander Letch (BBA); Geneva — Matthew Bartsch (BGS); Golden Valley — Thomas Longar (BS); Grand Rapids —Chantal Holum (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Robert Schrom (BS), Sarah Trombley (BSN); Halstad — Kolton Brohaugh (BA); Hampton — Brooke Freeberg (MS); Hermantown — Marissa Kolquist (BSN Cum Laude); Hibbing — Deion Harris (BA), Kailey Wirtanen (BACC Summa Cum Laude); Hugo — Bianca Kameli (BBA), David Sexter (BSCSCI); International Falls — Jenna Anderson (BS Magna Cum Laude), Taylor Farmer (BA), Sydney Raboin (BSED Cum Laude); Inver Grove Heights — Alex Hassebroek (BSIT); Janesville — Kyle Budach (BSA); Lake Bronson — Kyle Braun (BA); Lake City — Courtney Haviland (BSSW); Lakeland — Ryan Danielson (BSA Cum Laude); Lakeville — Jonathan Barrett (MBA), Amanda Berry (BA), Mason Crowley (BACC Magna Cum Laude), Emily Grossman (BBA Cum Laude), Carlee Miller (BSN), Annabeth Smith (BSN), Reid Taubenheim (BACC), Zachary Whalen (BA); Lester Prairie — Jonathan Ernst (BSA); Lino Lakes — Christopher Michalek (BSCHEMEG Cum Laude); Madison Lake — Zachary Hebl (BSA); Maple Grove — Brandon Emmons (BA), Michael McShane (BSME), Caitlin Morris (MSW); Maple Plain — Patrick Johnson (BSCJS); Marble — Emily Broich (BAPS); Medina — Courtney Latterell (BSKIN); Menahga — Grant Skoog (BS); Mendota Heights — William Deitchler (BSA), Ryan Leech (BA), Isabella Postiglione (BSN Magna Cum Laude); Minneapolis — Eugene Crandall (BGS), Chloe Engel (BBA), Michael Engelsgaard (BA), Eric Gefroh (BACC Cum Laude), Lovisa Rhen (BSED), Sara Wagner (MSW); Minnetonka — Shane Claypool (MBA), Hannah Gelhar (BSN), Bridget McCarthy (BA); Monticello — Brady Banyai (BBA); Moorhead — Amber Cox (BSN), Jay Hanson (BSA Cum Laude), Jeremy Hulderman (MS), Kayla Michelson (MS), Grant Weiss (BBA); Moose Lake — Jacob Disterhaupt (MS); New Brighton — Benjamin Linser (BSCSCI); New London — Erin Powers (BSMLS); North Branch — Noah Hubbard (BSPTE); Oak Park Heights — Christian Peterson (BSEE Cum Laude); Osakis — Elyse Wiener (BS); Otsego — Kabedi Muvundamina (BSPTE); Owatonna — Dylan Hudock (BSA Cum Laude); Park Rapids — Rebecca Hays (BSRHS), Nicolas Lopez Lara (BS); Pelican Rapids — Alyssa Guck (BBA); Plymouth — Trevor Ash (BA), Tyler Coyne (BBA), Drew Greely (BBA), Paige Marcy (BSCHEMEG), Sai Peri (BSCSCI), Alyssa Stolt (BSME); Prior Lake — Aaron Kempfert (BSME Cum Laude); Ramsey — Jessica Brown (MBA), Justine Foyt (MS); Red Lake Falls — Chelsey Chaput (BSED); Rochester — Abdifatah Abdi (BSMLS), Mohamoud Ahmed (BSMLS),,Joseph Dietz (BSCHEMEG), Bethany Nandy (BSMLS), Addie Powers (BA); Rockford — Kayla Buenger (BSSW), Colton Stecker (BBA); Rogers — Isabel Getta (BA), Zachary Swanson (BA), Ian Wageman (BS); Roseau – Ashley Filpula (MS);

Rosemount — Ryan Sword (BBA); Saint Cloud — Kazimir Gazdzik (PHD), Madison Gedde (BSN), Mike Hill (BS), Austin Poganski (BBA); Saint Louis Park — Allie Simonett (BSCJS); Saint Michael — Kayla Mager (BSN Magna Cum Laude); Saint Paul — Joseph Andresen (BBA Cum Laude), John Glawe (MBA), Ian Harlander (BSA Summa Cum Laude), Yahye Nur (BS), Hailey Pavlak (BSKIN), Paul Underwood (MBA); Saint Peter — Killian Bixby (BSA Cum Laude); Saint Stephen — Shawna Buelow (BSN); Salol — Dayna Rothenbacher (BACC Magna Cum Laude); Sartell — Matthew Bakken (BBA); Savage — Ashley Strand (MBA); Shoreview — Lilly Langton (BSCJS), Lei Yang (MFA); Side Lake — Janelle Shea (BSN Cum Laude); St. Louis Park — Erik Ekukanju (MSAE), Mikka Schacherer (BSCJS); Staples — Kayla Schmieg (BSED Cum Laude); Stillwater — Sarah Gehl (BSKIN); Taunton — Megan Boerboom (BA); Thief River Falls — Shelby Beito (BSCN), David Erickson (BSCSCI), Shannon Jesme (PHD), Haley Nelson (BSN), Shunay Reese (BSN), Jami Schultz (BGS), Kasey Trontvet (MS); Victoria — Kellie Rickabaugh (MSW); Waconia – Laura Cline (MA); Warren — Kendall Hapka (BBA), Hannah Miller (BBA); Warroad — Gretta Brunelle (BS), Brendon Saseangbong (BA); Wayzata — Jack Dingmann (BBA), Keaton Studsrud (BBA); Wheaton — Hannah Hasbargen (BACC Summa Cum Laude); White Bear Lake — Connor Bolduc (BS), Hunter Halonen (BBA), Jeffrey Harken (BBA); Winona — Riley Ewert (BSA Magna Cum Laude), Christopher Hogge (MS), Renee Sullivan (BSN Magna Cum Laude), Christy Wolvington (BSMLS Magna Cum Laude); Winsted — Dustin Koehnen (BSKIN Summa Cum Laude); Woodbury — Meghan Braun (BSSW Cum Laude), Jorgen Holt (BSCE), Kayla Rose (BSN), Valerie Schroeder (BSED Cum Laude), William Stefani (BSGEOL), Sara Torgusson (MS); Worthington —Amanda Cook (BSEG); Wyoming — Leonard Thom (BSME);


ALASKA: Delta Junction — Michael Augustin (BSCE); Eagle River – Quan Tran (MS); Juneau — Joelle Mesdag (BA Summa Cum Laude); ALABAMA: Auburn — Muztahid Muhammad (MS); ARKANSAS: Searcy — Whitney Moser (BA); ARIZONA: Mesa — Ethan McRae (JD); Phoenix — Abigail Swigart (MA); Yuma — Brandon Gaspar (MSW); CALIFORNIA: Bishop — Maile Wagoner (MS); Fountain Valley — Minh Le (MENGR); Grass Valley — James Jacobson (BSA Cum Laude); Huntington Beach — Kari Brown (MS); Irvine — Said Aliev (BSPTE); Lafayette — David Richardson (MSAE); Laguna Niguel — Brittany Mueller (BSRHS); Lincoln — Monica Santa (JD); Newport Beach — Erik Johnsen (BBA); Novato — Daphna Cohen (MA); Oceanside — David Rosenfeld (BSPTE Magna Cum Laude); Palmdale — Corbin Von Buck (BSA), Margaret Walsh (MS); Porterville — Martha Zavala (MS); San Jose — Akkas Uddin Haque (MS); Lindsey Moore (MS); San Ramon — Karina Garcia (MS); Springville — Nicholas Kavadas (BSKIN); Suisun City — Crystal Davis (MS); Valencia — Anna Tucker (BSCE); Valley Village — Dulce Montoya (MS), Sandra Nowosiolski (MS); West Sacramento — Jesseca Hendricks (BGS); Winnetka — Emmanuel Enemchukwu (BSPTE); COLORADO: Centennial — Alison Krebs (MSAE); Durango — Colin Mummery (MSAE); Fort Collins — Nathan McGee (MS); Superior — Chrishma Singh-Derewa (MS); CONNECTICUT: Newington — Mariusz Starzec (PHD); FLORIDA: Destin — Camden Sasko (BSME); Gainesville — Clive Georges (BA); Ocala — Danielle Horosh (MA); Orlando — John Corkum (BSEE); Panama City – Katlin Timme (MS); Pensacola — Sandra Emerson (BA); Punta Gorda — Garner Suessmann (BSA); GEORGIA: Covington — Julie Lewandowski (MA); East Point — Katrina Montfort (MS); Savannah — Joni Lukes (BA); IOWA: Alta Vista — Kelly Swehla (BSMLS); Ames — Alex Sailsbury (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Hiawatha —Trent Meyer (BACC); IDAHO: Emmett — Alex Shiverick (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Twin Falls — Angie Smith (MSAE); ILLINOIS: Chicago — Sara White (BBA); Highwood — Kendall Behm (MS); Lafox — Kristofer Larsen (BA); River Forest — Hind Alghanmi (PHD); INDIANA: Hillsboro — Tessa Philpott (BS); KANSAS: Highland — Katelin French (MA); Topeka — Ryan Spellman (BSCHEMEG), Evan Sutherland (BSCHEMEG); Wichita — Christian Cory (MA); KENTUCKY: Buckner — Ashlee Anderson (MS); MASSACHUSETTS: Andover — Nicholas Gerroir (BSA); Burlington — Nicole Giacoppo (MS); Leominster — John Thompson (BSME Magna Cum Laude); Norwood — Michael DeCosta (MENGR); MICHIGAN: Dowagiac — Lisa Phillips (MS); Grand Rapids — Richard Tata (MBA); Houghton — Karmen Markham (MSW); Ironwood — Jeremy Blodgett (BSA Summa Cum Laude); Kent City — Taylor Trzybinski (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Southfield — Chana Krakauer (MS); MISSOURI: Adrian — Stewart Eidson (BA Magna Cum Laude); Des Peres — Nikolai Dunne (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Florissant — Marcedes Hurd (JD); Saint Louis — Chastity Franklin (BSKIN); Wildwood — Jakob Brosman (BSA); MONTANA: Billings — Chase Martin (BSCSCI); Florence –– Whitney Hergert (BA); Glasgow — Ellen Walstad (BSCHEMEG Cum Laude); Great Falls — Alexa Pyette (JD); Livingston — Dean Moore (BA); Missoula — Emily Beach (BSN Summa Cum Laude); Roberts — Jeremy Prinkki (BSA); Sidney — Matthew Harris (BSPTE), Tia Lewis (BSED Summa Cum Laude); NORTH CAROLINA: Clayton — Hannah Matthews (BA); Fayetteville — Doniecia Ebron (MS), Caryn Wolfe (BSN); Hampstead — Riley McGlynn (PHD); Lewisville — Jenna Smith (BA Cum Laude); NEBRASKA: Omaha — Alyssa Garrett (BSME); NEW HAMPSHIRE: Bedford — Erica Lunden (BA); NEW JERSEY: Bordentown — Katherine Courtney (MS); Lakewood — Nechama Zarecki (MS); Wallington — Dawid Mludzik (BA); NEVADA: Las Vegas — Megan Conedy (MSW); NEW YORK: Brooklyn — Xuchu Xu (MS); Clifton Park — Caryn Toriaga (MS); Flushing —Cheryl Schwartz (MS); Monroe — MIrel Steinberg (MS); Webster — Azizah Alogali (PHD); OHIO: Fairfield — Christopher Woeste (BGS); Poland — Kiley Wright (MA); OKLAHOMA: Edmond — Angelique DeBlois (MA), Dilyn Stevenson (MS); PENNSYLVANIA: Claysville — John Avolio (BGS); Greenville — Edward Pickens (MS); West Chester — Daniel Dixon (MS); RHODE ISLAND: Barrington — Christopher Bohnwagner (MBA); North Smithfield — Diane Newberry (BA Magna Cum Laude); Pascoag — Jillian Quirindongo (MS); SOUTH CAROLINA: Summerville — Brian Stodola (BA); SOUTH DAKOTA: Aberdeen — Odeen Rowe-WIlliams (MA); Bowdle — Rachel Kessel-Neuharth (BA); Burke — Jennifer Bennett (MSW); Gregory —Lesley Holmes (MSW); Herrick — Lindsey McCarthy (MSW); McLaughlin — Brooke Henderson (MS); Mitchell — John Fouberg (MEDUCAT); Pierre — Alex Beck (BS); Rapid City — Brett Dziwulski (BSCSCI),  Eric Grover (MSW), Sandra Kenrick (MS); Sioux Falls — Collin Block (MSW); Joseph Farrell (MBA); Sean O’Connor (BSA); Alexander Trellinger (MS); TENNESSEE: Hendersonville — Jessica Singer (MA); TEXAS: Dallas — Ian Entzion (BBA); Houston — Ryan Adler (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Katy — Himal Pangeni (BSPTE Cum Laude), Timothy Wuenscher (MS); New Braunfels — Collin Blair (BSA Cum Laude), Austyn Maracle (BSA); Nolanville — Andrew Coelho (BSCE Magna Cum Laude); Richmond — Eric Willmott (MBA); Sugar Land — Naveed Iqbal (BSME); Victoria — Ludmi Herath (PHD); UTAH: North Salt Lake — Jessica Lake (MA); Park City — Grant Ellis (BSME Magna Cum Laude); Pleasant Grove — Kyle Harper (MBA); South Weber — Sydni Robinson (BSA Cum Laude); West Jordan — Devan Bobo (MA); VIRGINIA: Arlington — Patrick Squires (MS); Boston — Elise Wheelock (BSA Summa Cum Laude); Centreville —Christina St. Clair (MA); Manassas — Subik Pokharel (MS); VERMONT: Burlington — Kendre Guinane (MS); WASHINGTON: Arlington — Patrick Blaine (BSME Cum Laude); Lake Stevens — Jason McCroskey (BSA); Longview — Eric Prater (BA Summa Cum Laude); Marysville — Gabriele Beniak (MS); Normandy Park — Amanda Osgood Jonientz (PHD); Shoreline — Elizabeth Staatz (MS); WISCONSIN: Ashland —Anthony Litersky (BSKIN); Baldwin — Tori Harken (BSCJS); Danbury — Ben Jensen (MS); Houlton — Payton Peterson (BSED); Janesville — Haley Stejskal (BS Cum Laude); Oconto — Jordan Koppa (BSA Magna Cum Laude); Onalaska — Grant Campbell (BS); Pleasant Prairie — Danielle Parker (BS); Racine — Cameron Clifton (BSA Summa Cum Laude); Rhinelander — Justine Terzinski (MSW); Superior — Levi La Porte (MS); Zachary Welle (BBA); Sussex — David Walenta (BA); WYOMING: Casper — Emily Murdock (MS); Cheyenne — Randi Losalu (MSW); Wilson — Lora Oz (MS);


ALBERTA: Airdrie — Carrie Forster (MS); MANITOBA: Blumenort — Peter Brandt (MS); Morris — Kevin Clace (PHD); Oak Bluff — Elisabeth Hewett (JD); Stonewall — Brett Nespor (MS); Winnipeg — Jina-Marie Elwin (MSW), Tiffany Ford (MBA), Kelsey Harrison (JD), Adeolu Joseph (MA); SASKATCHEWAN: Regina —Eugene Akunor (BSCHEMEG);