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2,500-year-old play resonates today

UND Theatre Arts will present ‘Antigone’ on Feb. 23-27

Image courtesy of UND Theatre Arts.

The University of North Dakota Theatre Arts department presents Antigone, streaming online at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 23-27.

Creon, as portrayed by Kyle Mason

What is the best way to govern a country torn apart by a civil war? The newly crowned King Creon claims the right to rule with an iron fist to bring order, while his niece Antigone begs him to use common human decency that respects each person. Both sides seem to offer strong arguments, but only one will prevail in this tense family tragedy that brings many questions to the table.

Antigone’s youth challenges Creon’s age, while his son challenges tyrannical rule by offering a democratic solution where a strong leader listens to his citizens. Finally, Creon demands loyalty as a man’s right and fights to silence any woman’s voice. Though the play is more than 2,000 years old, the conflicts dramatized by Sophocles remain with us today as we continue to struggle to define what it means to be human in this translation by Don Taylor.

As the safety and health of our audience is of utmost importance, the production is online only.

Tickets are $13 for an individual ticket and $20 for a group ticket. Group tickets allow the show to be viewed by members of your group or household. Tickets can be purchased through the UND Theatre’s online box office at burtness.und.edu. For questions please call (701) 777-2587.

Antigone, as portrayed by Katie Germain

Production information

  • Directed by Kathleen McLennan
  • Scenic Design by Brad Reissig
  • Lighting Design by Brad Reissig
  • Costume Design by Camilla Morrison
  • Property Design by Abby Bye & Gabrielle Rice
  • Sound Design by Sarah Kohler
  • Technical Direction by Sarah Kohler


  • Antigone, Katie Germain
  • Ismene, Erin Chaves
  • Creon, Kyle Mason
  • Haemon, Robert Cooper
  • Soldier, Daniel Jung
  • Teiresias, Stevee Wittlieb
  • Messenger, Tyler Hebert
  • Chorus #1, Dylan Merritt
  • Chorus #2, Piper Sommer
  • Chorus #3, Otto Lieder
  • Guard, Brigitte Froslee
  • Guard, Gabrielle Rice

Production Staff

  • Production Stage Manager Alex Rice
  • Assistant Stage Manager Autumn Horton
  • Scenic Painters Kristina Swenseid & Sarah Seyfried
  • Scene Shop Assistants Todd Belton, Autumn Horton, Kyle Mason, Alex Rice, Gabrielle Rice, and Matt Sinard
  • Lighting Set-Up for Filming Sarah Seyfried
  • Head Electrician Autumn Horton
  • Costume Shop Manager Amy Sanner
  • Draper Shelby Hazel
  • Costume Shop Assistants Shelby Hazel, Daniel Jung, & Anne Mitchell
  • Properties Head Alex Rice
  • On Set Recording Assistants Dylan Merritt, Zoe Ramsay, & Sarah Seyfried
  • Videographer Brad Reissig
  • Filming and Editing Assistant Dylan Merrit
  • Box Office Manager Gretchen Osweiler
  • Box Office Staff Alex Bodin, HollyAnn Danielson, Rema Thomas