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President Armacost and Provost Link seek Task Force feedback

Comments sought on Final Report of the Task Force on the Future of Education at UND

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

One year ago, Professors John Shabb and Jeff VanLooy took on the ambitious task of launching our Task Force on the Future of Education at UND. They built an amazing team of scholars from around the campus to explore our future.

The team was assembled in Fall 2020, and the work of the committee took place over a five-month period at the beginning of 2021.  During this span, working groups were formed, guest lectures hosted, and readings of cutting-edge and provocative materials were sponsored. Each member made extraordinary contributions to this effort, and we are grateful for their dedication and insights.

The result of their work is the Task Force on the Future of Education at UND Final Report, which, along with the work of the earlier Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, will serve as a foundation for the re-write of our UND strategic plan.

We ask each of you to read this important report, reflect upon what the team suggests, and take a few minutes to offer your thoughts, observations, criticisms, and endorsements on the Public Comment Survey that will be open until November 1, 2021. What you suggest will impact our next steps, as we craft the future of our university.

Let us, again, offer our appreciation to the entire team for their hard work and insights.

With gratitude,

Andy Armacost, President
Eric Link, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost