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VIDEO: Student & Family Town Hall

Questions about tuition, graduation, residency status and One-Stop are among those asked and answered during the Town Hall

Editor’s note: On Tuesday, Jan. 24, UND held a Town Hall meeting via Zoom for students and their families. A video of the Town Hall (with closed captions available) is above, while below is a list of the questions that are asked and answered in the video, with time stamps for readers’ reference accompanying each question.

The following questions are asked and answered in the Student & Family Town Hall:

05:20: When is spring tuition due?

06:10: What is being done to bring the food quality and selection up to a level that reflects the cost of our dining program?

08:05: What is UND doing for student mental health, including treatment and educational outreach?

09:50: What is being done in the Legislature related to funding and supporting student mental health?

12:30: Do Canadian residents have a different tuition from international students?

13:50: What do we need to know about the graduation ceremony this spring to have everything run smoothly?

16:05: For aviation students, what does a student do if the semester ends and, because of weather delays, that student hasn’t completed check rides and other requirements? Is there temporary housing, food and so on available so the student can complete the tasks?

19:30: Information is provided about the upcoming Career Fair.

21:00: Does the Career Fair include internship opportunities?

21:44: I’m waiting to get some courses transferred from my previous school. Am I still able to enroll when the course is cleared for distance learners?

22:33: My daughter is looking for some social events on campus to connect with other students who have disabilities. She’d like to find social settings available so she can connect with other people who can relate to the disabilities.

What social events and locations does UND provide for disabled students to connect with other students with disabilities?

24:29: Does UND provide any social events for students doing remote learning?

25:55: When is Family Weekend for this fall?

26:26: Because aviation students have not been able to move ahead with their flights, many students are not registered for a flight course for the spring term. Will an exception be made this year so parents can fly with their student in a UND plane during Aviation Family Weekend this year, if the student is not registered for a Spring Term course?

27:45: If a student is getting mental health services from their home state and is having trouble continuing the services, who should the student direct this issue to?

28:53: If a student is blind and interested in attending events, but is not sure how to get around in an unfamiliar area, what are their options?

32:32: We are told that Student Health Insurance used to be something that was offered but not any longer. What health insurance options are available for students, currently, given that Student Health Insurance was discontinued?

33:55: We have seen organizations on campus dedicated to LGBTQI+ and other offices for social gatherings on campus for BiPOC students. Why is there no Disability Pride Center on campus?

36:55: If aviation students will be continuing into late spring or summer sessions, what are the housing options? Will they be able to move into housing they may choose for the fall semester?

39:21: Are there any existing buildings that are being renovated over the summer?

42:03: Can you elaborate on changes in residency renewal for out-of-state students?

42:50: What services does One-Stop Student Services provide?

43:52: Is there a place to renew passports on campus?

47:30: When will our kids be able to get back into the classroom on campus? What are the University’s expectations on course delivery?

45:22: Next year, my student will have been be a resident of North Dakota for a year. Is she going to be considered an in-state student starting next year?

47:27: When will our students be able to get back in a classroom on campus? My daughter has had her classes online; It’s not good, and she’s missing out on the college experience.