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A voice for justice

As a Forensic Science student at UND, Nicolette Ras strives to become a ‘voice for the dead’

Nicolette Ras, a pre-medical student and double-major in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice, may pursue a career in forensic pathology after medical school.

Nicolette first heard that medical examiners are a voice for the dead when she was in high school.

“No one might have been there when they died. But you’re able to fight for justice and speak on behalf of them by looking at the signs on their body. I just find that super cool.”

Her search for a Forensic Science degree in the Midwest brought her to UND.

“They had the program I wanted to study,” Ras said, “and I like the size of UND. It’s not a huge campus, but it’s not just one or two buildings.

“And I actually love winter. I love snow. So, I like Grand Forks.”


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