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VIDEO: Exploring counseling options for students

President Armacost chats about the University Counseling Center with Kaylee Trottier, the center’s director and a UND graduate

For this week’s video message, President Andrew Armacost invites Kaylee Trottier, director of the University Counseling Center, to talk about the UCC’s campus services and Trottier’s history with UND.

A 2013 graduate of UND’s Indians into Psychology Doctoral Education program, Trottier returned to UND last January to serve as associate director for the UCC. She recently accepted the position as director.

Armacost asks Trottier about the support UCC provides for students, all of which is available to students. The president also asks for any tips and advice that Trottier might have for students who may be feeling the stress of final exam season.

The UCC plays a significant role in the well-being of campus, Armacost notes. And now is a great time to remind students about the availability of services, as well as remind each other to check in on friends and colleagues to see how they’re doing, he continues.

Located on the second floor of McCannel Hall, the UCC provides therapy and Level One substance abuse treatment for students. Those looking for more information can go to the UCC website, stop by McCannel Hall or call 701.777.2127.