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UND Police Capt. Tracy Meidinger given statewide award

Lone Eagle Award recognizes Meidinger for providing longtime leadership, day-to-day inspiration

Capt. Tracy Meidinger and Chief Rodney Clark
Capt. Tracy Meidinger (left), assistant chief of police for UND, was given the Lone Eagle Award in recognition of his longtime service and leadership at the University of North Dakota. Chief of Police Rodney Clark, who nominated Meidinger for the award, was also in attendance for the reception. Photo courtesy of Rodney Clark.

Capt. Tracy Meidinger, assistant chief of police at the University of North Dakota, has been given the Lone Eagle Award by the North Dakota Peace Officers Association.

The award is presented annually to one active and one retired North Dakota peace officer, both of whom have contributed guidance, inspiration and support as law enforcement officials in the state, according to the NDPOA.

Meidinger, a 28-year veteran of the UND Police Department, received the award on Thursday, Aug. 10, during the NDPOA’s annual conference in Devils Lake.

Retired FBI agent Herb Eckenroth, who according to the Association worked in North Dakota for many years, created the award in 1979 to recognize a peace officer who “has shown incorruptible soundness or moral character and faithful adherence to ethical principles.”

Rodney Clark, associate vice president for public safety and chief of police, nominated Meidinger for the award based on the captain’s spirit, leadership and the day-to-day inspiration that he provides for the police officers of UND.

“Capt. Meidinger is present for duty every day whether during weather closures, at after-hours events on campus, or late at night providing direction and purpose for the officers of UND,” Clark said. “His work ethic is impeccable, and he personifies the concepts of duty and honor.

“During a time when the policing profession is confronted with many challenges, Capt. Meidinger is a guiding figure and example in word and deed – the hallmarks of a good leader.”

“Tracy has been a steadfast leader in the UND Police Department for more than 28 years,” said Karla Mongeon-Stewart, vice president of finance & operations/COO. “He is thoughtful, kind and respectful to everyone. I believe it is these personal qualities that have made him such a driving force in building UND’s wonderful police department.”

Tracy Meidinger and Deputy Attorney General Claire Ness
Meidinger was presented the Lone Eagle plaque by Deputy Attorney General Claire Ness during the NDPOA annual conference this past week. Photo courtesy of Rodney Clark.

Leading by example

This all came as a surprise to Meidinger himself, who, in the moment of being called to the stage, wondered what he did to deserve such an award.

He was presented the Lone Eagle plaque by Deputy Attorney General Claire Ness during the Thursday evening awards ceremony.

“I’m very honored,” Meidinger told UND Today. “You never really think about it until something like this happens.

“I always thought my role in being a leader was to make everyone else’s job better or easier. I try to lead by example, and I never expect anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself.”

Meidinger then thanked Clark for the nomination, remarking how much he’s benefited from having great leaders over the years.

“This is a department and team award, as well,” Meidinger continued. “No one ever gets an individual award when they haven’t had a ton of support and worked with exceptional people. I’ve been fortunate to have had both throughout my career, making such an award even possible.”