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President’s video: On speech, rights and safety

In his latest message and video, President Armacost talks about how the conflict in Israel and Gaza affects life on campus

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

The conflict in Israel and Gaza has created human suffering for innocent citizens on both sides. Here at UND, many members of our campus are feeling the pain and uncertainty of what is unfolding. UND will continue to offer our services to anyone impacted by these world events.

Across the nation, we see protesters and counter-protesters on college campuses. It is important for us to recognize free speech as a cornerstone element at a public university like UND. We will continue to protect that right and to ensure the safety of members of our campus who are engaged in their exercise of non-violent free speech.

Yet, we must denounce speech that is rooted in hate, including words and actions that are antisemitic, anti-Muslim, or anti-Arab. Discrimination levied at members of our community based upon one’s religion or national origin is never allowed.

Let’s not forget the war and suffering happening elsewhere in the world, which also impacts members of our UND community. Our thoughts are with your families and friends back home, and UND will support your needs as you face uncertainty and fear.

Let me close by offering my appreciation to the members of our campus who provide care and services to students, staff, and faculty. Keep up your extraordinary love and support for others.

With respect,

Andy Armacost
UND President

The president’s biweekly video to the campus community, which complements his message above, can be watched online via UND’s Vimeo channel. 


Editor’s note: As the Affinity core value of the UND Strategic Plan declares, “UND will be a leader in creating accessible and welcoming environments that foster a meaningful sense of belonging for all.” One way of fostering that sense of belonging is through President Armacost’s regular messages and videos, through which the president talks openly about campus issues and developments and shares his thoughts with the UND community.