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Inspiring future scientists

Leader in Action Julia Kochanowski is an ambassador for STEM education, especially for first-generation students like herself

A UND graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Forensic Science, Julia Kochanowski now is pursuing her master’s in Clinical and Translational Sciences at the University. Photo by Mike Hess/UND Today

Julia Kochanowski has always really liked science. And she knew early on that she wanted to be a scientist.

When Julia came to UND and began to immerse herself in school, and later, her work at the UND Forensic Pathology Lab, she found an encouraging learning environment and discovered a passion for inspiring young minds to explore the fascinating world of STEM.

Motivated by the “Studygrams” trend on Instagram, Julia created her own account to stay organized and connect with other students.

Initially dedicating the page to study updates, her account gained unexpected popularity. Encouraged by her followers, she expanded to TikTok, discussing her studies in forensics and her work in the forensic pathology lab.

“I think talking about forensics and autopsies helps a lot of people with that morbid curiosity, but I also think people are scared about those things or dealing with something and they can easily talk to me about it. And it makes them feel better.”

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