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VIDEO: Higher Learning Commission will be on campus April 22-23

President Armacost hosts Shane Schellpfeffer to talk about the HLC’s upcoming site visit

This week’s video address sees President Andrew Armacost and Shane Schellpfeffer, UND’s director of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation, covering the upcoming April 22-23 site visit from the Higher Learning Commission.

The visit from a team of peer reviewers on behalf of the HLC is one of the final stages of UND’s once-every-10-years reaffirmation of accreditation, and the University community — including students, faculty and staff — is encouraged to participate in open forums arranged for the HLC team.

Five forums will be held between Monday and Tuesday (April 22-23), and each one of the five will center on one of the criteria that UND focused on in its written Assurance Argument. That document, in which the institution explains how it meets the HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation, was submitted to the HLC in March.

Also scheduled are drop-in sessions, during which the campus community can talk to the HLC site visit team, ask questions and talk about UND.

Armacost asks Schellpfeffer about what the campus community can expect during the two-day visit, as well as why these final stages are significant in the reaffirmation process.

“Often, these accreditation visits are referred to as uncertain and terrifying, but it’s really an opportunity for us to engage in a process of self-reflection as well as receive the advice of these team members,” Armacost says.

Schellpfeffer says that the visiting group will produce a report about the visit, and UND will learn of the HLC’s final assessment sometime during the summer.

Those interested in learning more can visit UND.edu/HLC. Open events associated with the site visit can be tracked in the UND Events Calendar.

Note: The Tuesday, April 23, drop-in session time has been changed from earlier announcements. The updated April 23 session time is 10 to 10:50 a.m.