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New UND Home Page

Research Driven Design

We asked for your input and you acted! Over 1,500 current students (38%), prospective students (37%), faculty/staff (10%), alumni (10%) and parents (5%) provided feedback on two home page desktop design concepts.

Both concepts tested strong for brand articulation. Concept A won in terms of overall appeal receiving 58% of votes, but several elements from Concept B received favorable comments. The feedback pointed us to combining both concepts to create a winning design.

Built for Prospective Students

The new home page design connects key UND attributes to interactive features and content elements in order to drive exploration and action.

The global navigation is designed for prospective students as the primary audience; other visitors will self-identify through an audience gateway.

In the hero space, we’ll infuse the UND brand by demonstrating we have strong academics with a focus on practical applications.

Home Page Nav and Hero

The academic program finder is the centerpiece of the home page. It serves as an easy-to-use portal to find, browse and compare UND’s 200+ academic programs. It also encourages prospective students to take action.

Academic Program Finder

The Leaders in Action section features current student and alumni stories to highlight we prepare students to be leaders who make an impact.

Leaders in Action

A collection of social media posts from across the university is organically mixed with UND Today stories in the #UNDproud section. It shows prospective students there is so much do see, do and learn at UND.


We’ll use the feature space to embrace North Dakota – our location, community and values. The global footer prominently displays a link to give to UND and will feature tactical links we need to “do business” at UND such as Maps, Parking and Employment.

End of Home Page

More to Design

The home page design is not final. It will evolve as we work through designing our entire template suite. We’re also working to convert the desktop designs to mobile designs. You can expect to see the new home page and all new templates launch with Wave 1 sites in April 2018.