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Revised Timeline

We’ve reached the critical point in the migration phase where we are spending our opportunity cost. Simply put, the time we are spending to polish the migration script is dipping into our time to manually optimize content. By the end of this week, we will consider the migration script good enough.

Because we spent months working on the migration script, the entire project timeline must be adjusted. The up side is adjusting the timeline gives us the opportunity to account for other timing issues raised by campus. Most notably, campus voiced concerns regarding launching waves during semesters. As such, waves will launch during breaks in the academic calendar. Additionally, those off contract during summer months requested more time to optimize their content. Balancing these two factors with the need to launch ASAP, the following adjustments to the timeline were made:

  • Wave 1 will migrate on April 9 and launch May 21 following the wrap-up of the spring 2018 semester.
  • Wave 2 migrations will be staggered throughout April. Wave 2 launches before the start of the fall 2018 semester (August 21, 2018).
  • Wave 3 started in January in accordance with the first timeline but is now pushed back two months. All Wave 3 sites go live prior to the start of the spring 2019 semester (January 7, 2019).
  • Wave 4 was adjusted to allow for a May 2019 launch following the end of the semester.

Rollout chart

Rollout chart 2