Website Improvement

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Week 1 Anniversary

It’s been a week since Wave 1 launched with 3,924 pages.

Nearly 100 faculty and staff submitted feedback which is helping us identify areas for improvement.

As expected, the #1 complaint was “bring back the A-Z Index.” There technically still is an A-Z Index; it’s just mixed into search. All 1,300 A-Z items were manually uploaded into search so certain keywords will appear first in search results. We’re reviewing search reports and tuning search to perform better. The more it’s used, the smarter it will get.

Data shows most everyone has adjusted to not having My UND. They are going to ‘Logins” to find the logins they use most and visiting their respective ‘Info For’ page to navigate to frequently used content.

We learned the home page looping video is causing motion sickness for some people. We swapped out the video footage and are working to find a better long-term solution.

We’re also working to fix some font and image size issues on laptops and tablets.

Please continue to provide feedback via the feedback form. Your comments help us identify what needs to be fixed, tested and improved.