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1 Year Anniversary of Program Finder

UND’s Program Finder provides prospective students a central location to explore all academic programs offered at UND.

Since launch, web inquiries increased 386% for undergraduate programs and 138% for graduate programs. The Program Finder also won an Award of Excellence at the 25th Annual Communication Awards and has attracted the attention of several higher ed institutions.

We prepared a report reflects first year performance of the Program Finder at (May 22, 2018 – May 22, 2019). Please note:

  • An inquiry is someone who completed a request more information form on our website. Inquiries include the short form on the program pages and the long form linked throughout the website.
  • Campus traffic is excluded.
  • Combined programs are not included.
  • Priority Programs for FY19 are bolded. Digital marketing increased visitors those pages, but didn’t necessarily increase conversions.

Next steps for UND Marketing & Communications:

  1. Search engine optimization will be conducted on all program pages. This will help each page rank higher in search.
  2. Content will be transferred to a new program template with more visible request more information form. This effort is conducted in conjunction with the new CRM implementation.
  3. New tracking will allow reporting PDF downloads on a program-by-program basis in FY20.
  4. A formalized program finder content audit will be developed and implemented in FY20.

> Download Program Finder Report



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