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New Way to Quickly Estimate Tuition and Fees

The days of having one table that clearly describes UND’s tuition and fees are gone. Our differential tuition model is complex – changing based on major, residency, online or on-campus, number of credits, term etc. We had to use fine print to explain all the nuances.

Presenting the cost of attending UND is now easier thanks to a new Quick Cost Estimator. It allows users to quickly see the cost of attending UND based on a number of factors. Prospective students will still use the Net Price Calculator to estimate financial aid.

The knowledge behind the Quick Cost Estimator also powers the tuition and fees pages in the Program Finder. Every major, graduate and professional program has its individual tuition and fees tables(s) presented on their respective page.

If you see any inaccuracies with your program’s cost, please email She will consult with Financial Aid to ensure all calculations are accurate.

Please continue to direct prospective students to your Program Finder pages to find tuition and fees.