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OmniUpdate Alerts

With the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, alerts have been an important tool for communicating time-sensitive information across the UND website. Alerts can be used on individual pages or messages can be communicated universally across all UND websites.

Alert Snippet

The Alert Snippet is available to OmniUpdate users to communicate information on individual web pages.

  • The UND website uses universally accepted alert styles. Use proper color to indicate:
    • Information (blue)
    • Warning (yellow)
    • Error or emergency (red)
    • Success status (green)
  • COVID-19 related alerts typically use the yellow warning style because they often warn users of changes in business practices or hours of operations.
  • Alerts should be short (one to two sentences max). If needed, include a link to webpage or contact details (phone number and/or email) for more information.
  • Users should be mindful of alerts on their sites and remove alerts if information is no longer relevant or outdated.\

Alert Snippet Examples

Universal Alert

Marketing & Communications uses universal alerts to communicate messages across all websites in OmniUpdate. To meet accessibility and template guidelines, universal alert content must be short in length and include only one link.

COVID-19 Alert

The gray COVID-19 alert includes the current campus safety level with a link to the COVID-19 blog for details.

Emergency Alerts

The orange emergency alert can be added under the COVID-19 alert if a weather closure or safety information needs to be communicated to the entire campus community immediately.

UND web approvers will be watching to make sure these guidelines are followed.