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UND Calendar is Upgrading to New Look

The UND Events Calendar at will update to a new theme on December 21, 2020. This date was chosen to align with the semester break when calendar and website traffic decreases.

All features you use when submitting an event will remain the same. The main difference is the new theme is image heavy to draw attention to events. It uses a rectangular image ratio instead of square. The calendar embeds throughout the UND website will also switch from a square to a rectangular image ratio.

Unfortunately, we are not able to crop images before making the switch to the new theme. The Marketing & Communications team is prepared to update the following immediately after upgrading:

  • New images for existing Places, Groups and Holidays
  • New calendar photo library of high-quality images

Please be aware that roughly 10-15% of the top and bottom of a square image will be removed when switched to a rectangular format. We are particularly concerned about images with text and closely cropped images of people. You will need to go into each event you submitted to the calendar and upload re-cropped images after December 21, 2020.

Follow these best practices when submitting images to the calendar:

  • Do NOT use event flyers as an image. There is no need to highlight event details in the image because details will clearly display in the event listing. Also, images with informative text do not meet required federal accessibility standards.
  • Crop new images to 940 x 557.

If you have questions, please contact:


Shawna Schill

Calendar Event Submissions
Hayley Kuntz

Website Calendar Embeds
Aimee Halstenson