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Using the Events Listing Snippet

The UND Calendar is the master calendar used to promote university events. Most event clicks come from audience-specific event embeds across the UND website, rather than visits to the calendar itself. Here are some examples of where event lists are embedded on the UND website directly from the master calendar using snippets:

The Events Listing snippet will automatically embed UND Calendar events on your webpage, reducing workload and web content duplication. The Event Listing snippet pulls in event name, image, date, time and brief description from existing event calendar listings. Each event links to its unique calendar webpage for supporting details.

Event lists pulled into your site can be filtered to include events by audience, topic, event location or experience (virtual vs. in-person). Events can also be filtered by tagging individual events that you want to pull into your webpage.

How to Add the Event Listing Snippet to your Webpage

  1. If needed, log in and add event(s) to the UND calendar. Events can be pulled in two ways:
    • Filters: When completing the calendar add event form, select the event categories/filters you want to pull in. Filters include event location, audience, experience etc.
    • Keywords: If  you need to manually select events to add to your webpage, you must add a widget keyword field to your calendar submission. Widget keywords should be descriptive of what type of webpage you are pulling them into, use all lower-case letters and use hyphens to separate words. Examples of widget keywords are: wg_wellness-center, wg_graduate-school-lectures, wg_provost. Widget keywords can be added to events that you have previously added under your account.
  1. Add the Events Listing snippet to your webpage:
    • Log into the webpage you would like to add the Events Listing snippet to.
    • Place your cursor in the area of the page you want the snippet.
    • Click the ‘Insert Snippet’ icon in the toolbar
    • Select Event Listing
    • Click Insert
    • Add Heading to the snippet table. This heading will appear on your page.
  2. Build an events feed embed code:
    • Navigate to the calendar widget builder.
    • Complete the form by filling in ONLY the following categories:
      1. Template = UND Universal
      2. Number of Results = 10 max (this is the number of events that will display on your webpage)
      3. Days Ahead = 365 (this can be as many or as few days as you would like)
      4. Content (if applicable) = Dropdowns within the ‘Content’ section should be selected if you want to pull in filtered events to your website. For example, if you want to pull in all events for graduate students, you would select Graduate/Professional from the ‘Events By Audience’ dropdown. If you are unsure of what types of events will be pulling in, visit the UND calendar and use the Filter function to see a complete list of events that will be displayed on your webpage.
      5. Widget Keyword (if applicable) = This line should be filled in by using the exact keyword you created and used when adding events.
      6. Excluded Content (if applicable) = Select event categories and filters you wish to not show on your calendar.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the form and select Preview Widget. This will show you the events that will automatically display on your webpage. Be sure there are enough events displaying. If not, go back and remove some filters.
    • If you are happy with the event listing displayed, copy the preview URL (widget embed code) from the address bar.
  3. Navigate back to OmniUpdate and paste the Widget Embed Code into the Events Feed of the snippet. Example code:
  4. Delete the “&format=html” text.
  5. If you would like to display All UND calendar events, you can link to the UND events calendar from the More Link. If you do not wish to link to additional events, delete the more Events content from the snippet.
  6. Save the page. The Event Listing should appear in Page Preview.

Event Listing Tips

  • Web listings should be maximum of 10 events long to meet usability best practices. If you need a condensed calendar view on your website, contact Aimee Halstenson.
  • Be mindful of keeping your webpages up to date. If there are no upcoming events using your widget keyword or category, no events will be displayed on your page. Remove the snippet if there are no events.