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Our New “Front Door” to Programs

Categories: Evolve

Fall (September and October) is prime time for recruitment and our new program finder is exceeding expectations. Here’s what we’re noticing: 71% Spike in PDF Downloads The program finder allows users to generate a program fact sheet (PDF) for each program. Every PDF download costs us $0.02. Downloads went up so dramatically in September that […]

Good News – We Have a News Archive

Categories: Deploy

Thanks to our awesome library staff, we have a news archive in Scholarly Commons. It includes all UND RSS articles in OmniUpdate dating back to 2011. Check it out at We set up this archive because using our website as historical archive is “bad news”. Here’s why: Search engines (Google/Bing) like fresh sites with […]

UND's Leaders in Action

Making Waves

Categories: Deploy

UND's Leaders in Action

We continue to learn and improve as we mark the two month anniversary of Wave 1 and launch Wave 2. New Leaders in Action Site A new Leaders in Action story telling site launched August 2. It features 12 current students and recent alumni who are living our story. Individual stories have a unique URL, […]

Month 1 Checkup

Categories: Deploy

In one short month, our new website is attracting more students than ever before and exceeding quality standards. 1,454 New Leads New visitors are coming to our site. They learn, they trust and they complete a request more information form. A prospective student (lead) is born. Since launch, our undergraduate leads are up 84% and […]