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Week 1 Anniversary

Categories: Deploy

It’s been a week since Wave 1 launched with 3,924 pages. Nearly 100 faculty and staff submitted feedback which is helping us identify areas for improvement.

Revised Timeline

Categories: Deploy

We’ve reached the critical point in the migration phase where we are spending our opportunity cost. Simply put, the time we are spending to polish the migration script is dipping into our time to manually optimize content. By the end of this week, we will consider the migration script good enough. Because we spent months working […]

The Hiccup

Categories: Deploy

As announced in the Provost Forum, content migration (phase 4 in the timeline) is not going according to plan. A custom migration script was written to pick up content on our current site and move it to our new site. We know certain pieces of our current site such as navigation files, images and special […]

Stick to the Plan

Categories: Deploy

If you’ve attended a wave launch session, you know this entire project tricky. As Run-DMC says, “it’s tricky, tricky, tricky.” Even in the best of circumstances, moving to a new website is tedious and cumbersome. The only thing that can make migration smoother is planning and sticking to the plan. That’s why we’re not seeking […]

Where Are You?

Categories: Deploy

Our people are our greatest assets. Our faculty are some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished individuals in their respective fields. Our staff are highly dedicated professionals who contribute to the campus community. So, where are our people? UND Today highlights many stories but it isn’t feasible to tell everyone’s story. The retired Research Experts […]