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Omni Form Update

Categories: Evolve

We learned that UND’s email system is blocking file uploads from web forms since April 30, 2024. This means that form owners have not been notified via email if someone submitted a form response. We believe this is only the case if your form includes a file attachment function. UIT has put in a ticket […]

Program Finder Audit Time

Categories: Evolve

We need your help to update the Program Finder. UND’s Program Finder is the #1 place prospective students go to learn about academic offerings, attracting over 2 million external visitors in 2023. Its critical program page content is up-to-date and we need your help reviewing program page content. Every page must be reviewed by the respective […]

Introducing the Content Container

Categories: Evolve

The content container snippet is now available in Omni. This snippet is most applicable to universal pages without a left navigation, used to restrict website copy from spanning the full width and can add unique design elements to your page. Here are some examples of how the content container snippet can be applied: Strategic Programming […]

New Website Image Recommendations

Categories: Evolve

We have thousands of large website images that are causing slow load time and negatively impacting the way search engines view our website. To fix this, we recommend switching all newly uploaded web images from JPEG to WebP file types and reducing the mobile image size ratio. This change does not impact images already uploaded […]

_testing Folder Update

Categories: Evolve

To assist with the website cleanup project, we created a _do-not-display file for users to implement on their sites. This folder must replace any testing or draft folders on your site. The folder will protect content from being found via search even if it isn’t linked anywhere on the website. Content that should be stored […]