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Accordion/Tabs Update

Categories: Evolve

The website Accordion/Tabs snippet is not currently meeting federal accessibility standards because it lacks proper heading structure. The Web Team and UIT worked with mStoner to develop a revised snippet that meets accessibility and web best practices. We’ve developed a process to manually update the existing 950+ Accordions/Tabs snippets found on the web in the […]

OmniUpdate Unavailable April 12, 2021

Categories: Evolve

OmniUpdate Support ran into technical issues with the Version 11 upgrade yesterday. UND’s website will remain in Version 10 until migration occurs next week. Users can update and use the website as usual. We will migrate to Version 11 on Monday, April 12. OU is expected to be unavailable between 1 – 5 p.m. Public […]

Annual Program Finder Audit

Categories: Evolve

Marketing is conducting an annual Program Finder audit. UND’s Program Finder is the #1 place prospective students go to learn about academic offerings, attracting nearly 1.8 million external visitors in 2020. Its critical program page content is up-to-date and we need your help reviewing program page content. Complete the Audit Refer to the Program Finder […]

OmniUpdate Unavailable April 6th, 2021

Categories: Evolve

UND’s content management system (OmniUpdate OU Campus) will be unavailable on Tuesday, April 6 for an update to Version 11 and migration to a new server.  Public facing websites will remain available, but the back end will not be able to be edited during the maintenance time.  Exact maintenance times are being determined but it […]

Using the Events Listing Snippet

Categories: Evolve

The UND Calendar is the master calendar used to promote university events. Most event clicks come from audience-specific event embeds across the UND website, rather than visits to the calendar itself. Here are some examples of where event lists are embedded on the UND website directly from the master calendar using snippets: Info For Current […]