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1 Year Anniversary of Program Finder

Categories: Evolve

UND’s Program Finder provides prospective students a central location to explore all academic programs offered at UND. Since launch, web inquiries increased 386% for undergraduate programs and 138% for graduate programs. The Program Finder also won an Award of Excellence at the 25th Annual Communication Awards and has attracted the attention of several higher ed […]

mStoner is Talking About Us

Categories: Evolve

We’re proud of our work and mStoner is too. Take a moment to read the case study about the UND website redevelopment project. Read UND’s case study >>  

Our New “Front Door” to Programs

Categories: Evolve

Fall (September and October) is prime time for recruitment and our new program finder is exceeding expectations. Here’s what we’re noticing: 71% Spike in PDF Downloads The program finder allows users to generate a program fact sheet (PDF) for each program. Every PDF download costs us $0.02. Downloads went up so dramatically in September that […]