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Web Policy

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President Kennedy signed the UND Web Policy on September 11, 2017. The content ownership and responsibilities governance model (see page 5) will be phased in during the launch waves.  All other sections of the policy are effective immediately.

Managing Chaos

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In the 20+ years since it first emerged, the UND website has grown organically with little oversight resulting in an unorganized and overloaded website. Our web redevelopment project will lay a new solid foundation, but governance (specifically clear roles and responsibilities, and an official policy) will ensure we enjoy a healthy and vibrant web presence […]

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Categories: Discovery

mStoner provided a series of deliverables that set the stage for how we’ll build a new website that addresses our internal needs and exceeds user expectations. Recommendations for Improvement The following reports are mStoner’s recommendations for how to proceed with web management. Additional input will be gathered from the project team, Marketing Council and others […]