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A New Home for Student Organizations

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UND student organization websites have transitioned off Student org sites now live at, a hub that allows students to find 250+ student organizations, see events, keep up with news and interact with other students. It is a great resource that showcases the broad spectrum of UND student organizations to prospective students, current students […]

UND's Leaders in Action

Making Waves

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UND's Leaders in Action

We continue to learn and improve as we mark the two month anniversary of Wave 1 and launch Wave 2. New Leaders in Action Site A new Leaders in Action story telling site launched August 2. It features 12 current students and recent alumni who are living our story. Individual stories have a unique URL, […]

Month 1 Checkup

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In one short month, our new website is attracting more students than ever before and exceeding quality standards. 1,454 New Leads New visitors are coming to our site. They learn, they trust and they complete a request more information form. A prospective student (lead) is born. Since launch, our undergraduate leads are up 84% and […]

Week 1 Anniversary

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It’s been a week since Wave 1 launched with 3,924 pages. Nearly 100 faculty and staff submitted feedback which is helping us identify areas for improvement.