Welcome to Drift Off Week 1!

Log Your Sleep TODAY!

Logging your sleep:

1. Log in to the Drift Off challenge here
2. Read the technique of the week
3. Click on the boxes if you slept for 7-9 hours, used the sleep technique, and/or if you used 2 or more sleep techniques.
4. Record your sleep for the previous night.
For example, on Mondays, click on the boxes for Sunday.
5. Select which sleep techniques you used for the previous night.

* As of Tuesday, 10/4, you should have filled out Sundays and Mondays boxes.

Drift Off Relaxation Email KW
A little R & R is good (and essential) for the soul. Resting, recuperating, and relaxing can also help improve your sleep health. This week, amid all the chaos that everyday life can bring, try taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to kick back and relax. You deserve it!

Relaxation Examples

Try something new this week while falling asleep! All of these techniques can be done in bed while trying to fall asleep. See which one(s) work best for you!

Breathing Exercises

Diaphragmatic breathing:
  • Read more about this technique here
  • Follow along with a guided breathing video here
4-7-8 Breathing: (I personally utilize this technique daily!)
  • Inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8
    • Start with what works for you. If this is too much, start with inhaling for 4, holding for 5, and exhaling for 5 then work up to 4-7-8.
  • Follow along with this technique here

Visualization Exercises

Body Scan:
  • You can think of this as a mental X-ray that slowly travels across your body
    • Read about body scan meditation here
  • Guided body scan meditation video here
Autogenic Training:
  • A relaxation technique that uses the power of the mind to relax the body
    • Read more about autogenic training here
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR):
  • The simple practice of tensing one muscle group at a time followed by relaxation
    • Read more about PMR here
  • Follow along with a guided PMR video here

Did Someone Say Prizes?!

Grand Prize Basket
LOG IN and record your hours of sleep! The goal is to improve your sleep health through trying a new sleep technique each week. Every day you log your sleep you earn 10 points, use the sleep technique of the week, earn 5 more points! Use two or more of the sleep techniques and earn 10 bonus points!

Earn 100 points and claim your mini Work Well Sleep Kit (while supplies last, will be sent out after challenge is complete). Once you earn 200 points, you are entered into a drawing for a chance to win 1 of 2 Grand Prize Sleep Baskets (pictured).

What IS Drift Off?

Time to grab your favorite pillow and Drift Off! The Drift Off challenge encourages you to try four different strategies to improve your sleep health. Each week of the challenge, a new sleep strategy will be introduced and you will track your sleep after logging in. The goal is to educate you on how sleep affects your health and give you some helpful tips so that you can sleep well and stay healthy.

The Drift Off Challenge runs from October 2 - 29

Log your hours of sleep TODAY

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