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This challenge runs January 8 - February 4
Scroll down to see the 13 habits to choose from!
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13 Microsteps to Choose From:

  1. Increase aerobic exercise (cardio)
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 min more each day
    • The AHA recommends at least 30 minutes or more of cardio five or more days each week
  2. Giving out compliments
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 more each day, up to 5. Maintain 5 compliments per day going forward
    • Showing gratitude makes people feel valued and positive feedback has been shown to mitigate the effects of stress on employee performance
  3. Random acts of kindness
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 or more each day, up to 5. Maintain 5 acts of kindness per day going forward
    • Acts of kindness have been proven to decrease pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure
  4. Meditation
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 minute of meditation each day. Maintain 10 minutes per day going forward
    • Spending a few minutes meditating can restore your calm and inner peace
  5. Pushups
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 more each day
    • Health benefits of pushups: improves posture, reduces risk of injury, and keeps bones healthy
  6. Leisure reading
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 5 minutes more per day. Maintain 60 minutes going forward
    • Reading books benefits both your mental and physical health which can last a lifetime
  7. Reduce screen time
    • GOAL: Decrease screen time at a rate of 5 minutes less per day. Maintain 60 minutes less going forward
    • Too much exposure to blue light emitted by digital devices can affect sleep and cause eye strain, headaches, itchy eyes, and blurred vision
  8. Self affirmations
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 more each day, up to 5. Maintain 5 self-affirmations per day going forward
    • Research suggests that self affirmations can reduce anxiety symptoms and stress
  9. Squats
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 more each day
    • Performing squats can strengthen your core, reduces the risk of injury, and strengthens the muscles of the lower body
  10. Climbing stairs
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 1 flight of stairs each day (1 flight = 10 steps, up or down)
    • Health benefits of stair stepping include improving heart rate and heart health, strengthens the lower body muscles and joints, and increases the production of endorphins
  11. Increasing steps
    • GOAL: increase at a rate of 350 steps each day. Goal is to maintain 10,000 steps per day moving forward
    • Daily walking can reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression
  12. Drinking water
    • GOAL: Increase at a rate of 2 oz more each day. Maintain goal of 64 oz per day
    • Being hydrated improves sleep quality, mental cognition, and overall mood
  13. Choose your own habit
    • Create your own micro stepping plan by utilizing SMART goals:
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Achievable
      • Relevant
      • Time-bound

Did Someone Say Prizes?!

Don't forget- we have prizes! At the 2 week mark, there is a chance to win one of five - $20 gift cards (if you have 2 weeks completed). At the end of the challenge, TWO GRAND PRIZES will be drawn if the participant has completed all 4 weeks (two - $100 gift cards). Participants that complete all 4 weeks will also receive a Level Up t shirt (while supplies last)!

What IS The Level Up Challenge?

The Level Up Challenge is a Work Well sponsored program designed to help motivate you to make daily micro-additions to help you reach your chosen goal.

Invite a friend, challenge a coworker, and join us to Level Up today!

The Level Up Challenge runs January 8 - February 4, 2023

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