Employees are required to report all incidents to safety office

All employees are required to report all incidents to the Office of Safety within 24 hours.  Keep in mind that incidents do not need to result in injury or property damage to be reported.  In fact, near-miss/close call incident reports are critically important in shaping the safety efforts and priorities at UND.  Additionally, any workers compensation or liability insurance could be delayed or denied based on improper or delayed incident reporting.

UND’s incident reporting process allows the campus community to report incidents online.  To submit an incident report, go to Forms on the Department of Public Safety website.  Click the drop-down for the form and instructions, as well as the incident investigation forms.   Be sure to see the instructions for creating a digital signature if you do not already have one created.

If you seek medical attention for a workplace injury, you MUST CONTACT the Office of Safety with your date of birth and social security number as soon as possible.  These are required in order for the Office of Safety to file a workers’ compensation claim.  By not providing this critical information, your claim cannot be filed and will ultimately delay the process by Workforce Safety & Insurance to pay for medical services.

For more information, please see the UND Incident Reporting Policy.

We appreciate your continued support of UND’s Risk Management and Safety Programs.