Megan Hilgers named Student Employee of the Year

The 9th annual Student Employee of the Year was announced at the Leadership Awards on Friday, April 7. Megan Hilgers received the award for her position as the Facility Manager at the UND Wellness Center. As the winner of the 2017 UND Student Employee of the Year, Megan was awarded a $500 scholarship.

Megan is a second year Occupational Therapy student at UND and has worked at the Wellness Center for almost four years. She has risen from her position as a desk assistant to facility manager, and has excelled greatly in each and every role she takes on.

As facility manager, Megan oversees the welcome desk area to include student access, sales, and equipment checkout. She also supervises other student staff and is the chief policy enforcer in the building. She initiates facility safety and requires in-depth knowledge of all emergency response protocols.

“It is almost not worth mentioning that Megan is ever punctual, cheerful, and effective in her work; these are traits all nominees possess. What sets Megan apart from other student employees at the Wellness Center is twofold: her passion for her work and her continued growth in the position,” writes Megan’s supervisor, Paul Jensen.

Jensen talks highly of Megan’s attributes, expectations that she has raised, leadership style, and overall impact that she has made at the Wellness Center throughout the time she has worked there.

Megan was also named 2017 Student Employee of the Year for the state of North Dakota by the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators and was presented with a cash award.