New Why? Radio asks ‘Is Shakespeare Still Relevant?’ with Adam Kitzes

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Guest Adam Kitzes (English) discusses “Is Shakespeare Still Relevant?”

Should we still read Shakespeare? This is a harder question than one might think. As universities focus on diversity, marginalized writers, and widening literary traditions, the so-called “dead-white man” becomes the symbol of everything unjust. Yet, no one is more iconic than The Bard. Is this fair?

In this episode we look at his canonical texts and ask, not only whether they should be taught, but whether they are deserving of universal praise. Is Shakespeare really the highest form of English language? Is Romeo and Juliet really a great romance? Is his work objectively good in the first place. Join us for this intriguing and timely conversation.

Adam Kitzes is a Professor of English at the University of North Dakota. He is the author of The Politics of Melancholy from Spenser to Milton and has written numerous articles about Shakespeare and teaching literature.

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