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Success Story – Valkyrie Fitness

Valkyrie Fitness – Devils Lake 2023

LAKOTA – The journey of Katie Peavy, founder of Valkyrie Fitness Training, is an inspiring tale of determination and success. Katie had always dreamed of owning her own business, and her passion for fitness led her to embark on a personal training career over a decade ago. However, it was a life-altering back injury and subsequent recovery that truly ignited her entrepreneurial spirit.

In May 2021, Katie officially established Valkyrie Fitness Training, although she had been operating as a sole proprietor under the same name since 2011. Her business offers a wide range of fitness services, including personal training, nutrition coaching, supplements, online fitness and nutrition programs, group classes, and even home gym design. With a vision to provide comprehensive fitness solutions, Katie’s business aims to cater to all aspects of her clients’ fitness journeys.

The pivotal turning point in Katie’s journey came when one of her personal training clients recommended the North Dakota Small Business Development Centers (ND SBDC) upon learning of her dream to open a brick-and-mortar gym. Intrigued, Katie sought their guidance to explore available resources and determine the feasibility of her vision. She hoped for assistance with financials and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the necessary steps to establish her business correctly.

The ND SBDC proved to be an invaluable resource for Katie and her business. Their expertise and support in financial planning and analysis alleviated her concerns about the risks involved. Thanks to their assistance, Katie gained the confidence to move forward with her plans. The brick-and-mortar location has been open for a few months and is already halfway to reaching its end-of-year membership and personal training client goals.

Katie’s success story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the invaluable support of her community. The local city auditor helped her find a suitable space for lease, and the community has rallied behind her business in various ways. They have run ads in utility bills and on city advertising screens, provided access to the community center for fitness classes, and even featured articles in the newspaper to promote the business.

As a business owner, Katie appreciates the freedom and flexibility her role affords her. She can create her own schedule, adjust based on customer feedback and observations, and most importantly, determine her own worth. One of the most challenging obstacles she has faced is self-doubt. However, driven by her desire to set an example for her children, Katie continually pushes herself to overcome any doubts and fears.

Thanks to her unwavering dedication and the support she received, Valkyrie Fitness Training has experienced remarkable growth. Starting from personal training sessions in her garage and online, Katie now runs a 24/7 brick-and-mortar fitness facility, with plans to expand to multiple locations and hire additional trainers. She attributes her success to the presence of the right people in her life, who believed in her abilities and provided guidance, direction, and even financial support when needed.

Katie enthusiastically recommends ND SBDC services to other small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The organization’s support was instrumental in validating her business plan and providing the guidance necessary to open her gym doors. The ND SBDC team worked alongside Katie throughout the process, ensuring she never felt alone in her entrepreneurial journey.

To fellow entrepreneurs, Katie recommends “Heed advice only from those you would trust for business guidance and seek the mentorship of successful business owners.” She emphasizes the importance of understanding that there is always more to learn, and constructive criticism should be seen as an opportunity for growth.

Katie Peavy’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to Valkyrie Fitness Training, serve as an inspiration to entrepreneurs across North Dakota. With the support of the ND SBDC and her community, Katie has built a thriving fitness enterprise, empowering individuals to pursue their health and fitness goals while leading by example.




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