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Time Management

I attended a presentation regarding Time Management. The presenter mentioned that there is no possibility that a person can and does multitask.

The presenter goes on to say that a person does not do two things simultaneously. You don’t fold laundry while doing the dishes. You don’t read all computer screens at the same time. You don’t walk your dog while making supper. You might achieve a lot in a day, but it is not due to multitasking. I let this statement sink in for quite a while.

What does this have to do with owning a small business? Well, do you ever feel like an Incredible? You are getting stretched in one direction of life where your business needs your time and attention, but in the other direction, your family wants the same.

How can I do multiple things at the same time? You don’t. If you manage your time effectively, you don’t have to feel like you have to.

Start by asking yourself some of these questions: Do you find yourself completing tasks at the last minute? Do you know how much time you are spending on various jobs? Do you use goal setting to decide what tasks and activities you should work on? Before you take on a task, do you check that the results will be worth the time?

As you answered these questions, you probably started to have some insight into areas where your time management could use some work.

Below are a few suggestions to allow for more time:

  1. Goals – have goals for what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself what you want your goals to be and how you will achieve them. Setting goals helps you determine what needs to be done and in what order.
  2. Schedule – schedule every appointment and every task. Block the time off on your calendar and prioritize the important tasks first. This is also a great way to make sure you don’t overcommit.
  3. Just Get it Done – Don’t put things off. Do you find yourself saying, “I’ll get it done later.” But will you? If so, how much later? Just Get it Done.
  4. Optimal Use of Time – find when you are your best self. Maybe you aren’t very productive in the morning, or maybe you find yourself tired early at night. For the most important tasks, find where you are your best self and use that time to get it done.
  5. Needs vs. Wants – review this often. Find a balance between what your business needs and what you want for your business.

These are just a few places to start, but I hope they can give you some traction to build a stronger foundation for achieving that optimal balance.



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