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McCannel Hall

Project scope: Renewed building envelope and new entrances for McCannel Hall

Current stage: Roofing and masonry restoration

Total estimated cost: $1.5 million

Estimated completion date: Dec. 2023

McCannel Hall
Photo by Janelle Vonasek/UND Today.

Work on the exterior of McCannel Hall has been underway since last year, when the building’s windows were replaced.

The ongoing efforts, which continue this summer with replacing the roofing and restoring the building’s masonry, showcase the University’s dual goals of sprucing up appearances while also boosting energy efficiency – a cost-effective way of extending the useful life of essential campus buildings.

Similar window replacements and energy-conscious updates have already occurred at other UND locations in recent years, including the neighboring O’Kelly Hall.

New entrances to be built for the north side of McCannel, facing the Memorial Union, will visually and functionally enhance the highly trafficked area off 2nd Avenue and Cornell Street.

Brian Larson, director of construction management at UND, said the roofing currently being installed is intended to last another 40 years. Similarly, replacing failed joints and sealant around the envelope breathes new life into McCannel, which houses Student Health Services and the University Counseling Center, among other support units.

Masons have cleaned up most of the building’s stonework, including replacing bricks and blocks gone bad. That work was completed in mid-July. Roofing work will continue into August.


Renderings of new McCannel Hall entrances
Image courtesy of UND Facilities Management and Miller Dunwiddie.

‘Energy and aesthetics’

The north-side-entrance reworks will start soon after the required steel and cast stone are delivered to UND, according to project manager Matthew Fohr.

Renderings show how both of McCannel’s most-used entrances will change in the coming months.

“The east entrance, for Student Health Services, will be more of an update – a refresher that won’t change its present look too much,” he said. “The main entrance a little further west is what will be more substantial.”

Fohr hinted at a new design that will recall UND’s Collegiate Gothic architectural influences, including a cast stone archway replacing the current angular façade, as well as new sconces to flank the entryway and provide further lighting.

“It will be more of a historical-type entrance that fits the building a little better,” Fohr remarked.

In a similar vein to the progress made at McCannel, the Burtness Theatre building also was updated this summer. Just wrapping up in July were new window installations, new roofing, masonry restoration and a new storefront near the entrance of the building.


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