CEHD Research In Press: March 2023


Dr. Radomir (Ray) Mitic (EHBS, Higher Education) was recently interviewed for an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education regarding his recent paper and work in Russia. The article is entitled, Slamming the Door on Scholarship: War and politics could make on-the-ground study of China and Russia difficult, if not impossible 

Dr. Caitlin Brecklin (postdoc) received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Districts in Research and Reform Special Interest Group, and will be honored at AERA in April. 

Dr. Grace Keengwe received a fellowship from the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP), which is a competitive scholar fellowship program for educational projects at African higher education institutions. Offered by Scholar Academic Partnerships Institute of International Education, the program is funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) for African institutions in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda to host an African-born scholar to work in projects in research collaboration, graduate student teaching/mentoring and curriculum co-development  

Congratulations to the 23 CEHD graduate students who presented at the UND Graduate Research Achievement Day (GRAD) March 2 and 3 (see list of presenting students below with program and title). A special congratulations to the two award winners! Michael Herbert (Higher Education PhD) 2nd place in Professional, Social Science, Arts, and Humanities category on March 2 (on-campus), and Allyson Muehlemann (Educational Practice and Leadership EdD) 1st place on March 3 (virtual).  


The Initiative for Rural Education, Equity, and Economic Development (I-REEED) continues to move forward with exciting research examining educational issues across the state. Currently the I-REEED team is collecting data for a project in partnership with North Dakota Small Organized Schools examining the impact of juvenile justice reform on rural schools. In the first phase of the study, they surveyed school and district leaders across the state, and they are now beginning to conduct focus group interviews of administrators, teachers, and school counselors about their experiences. They are also developing several new projects, including one looking at the experiences of international teachers in North Dakota public schools and another that explores high school students’ perceptions of teaching as a career. 

Look forward in the future to a paper reporting on a study of teacher recruitment and retention conducted with faculty throughout CEHD, as well as a chapter in the forthcoming edited volume Handbook on the Politics of Education, “The Politics of Rural Education: Teacher Staffing and the Diversity of Rurality.” 

I-REEED invites everyone to their webinar coming later this spring (tentatively Wednesday, April 26 from 6:00-8:00pm CT): Rural Education Policy Summit—Spotlight on Teacher Recruitment and Retention, part II. This session will feature a panel discussion between North Dakota school leaders who are taking innovative steps to promote teacher recruitment and retention. It promises to be a fascinating discussion! 

 I-REEED also invites collaboration with researchers at UND and elsewhere. If you are interested in potentially working with I-REEED on a study, contact Dr. Diana D’Amico Pawlewicz (diana.pawlewicz@UND.edu). 


CEHD faculty are in bold, and CEHD students are underlined


Keengwe, G. (2023) Recipient Carnegie Fellow- Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship (CADF), Scholar Academic Partnerships Institute of International Education, Washington, DC   


Ryan Summers & Shuai Wang (2023). Measuring a cross-sectional sample of students’ intentions to engage with science and modelling associations according to two theoretical perspectives, International Journal of Science Education, DOI: 10.1080/09500693.2023.2167243 

Keengwe, G. & Onchwari, A. (2022). Assessment of parent-teacher relationships in early childhood education programs during the covid-19 pandemic. Early Childhood Education Journal, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10643-022-01431-1  

Keengwe, G. & Onchwari, A. (2022). Preschools parents’ ratings of parent teacher relationships: a look at the impact of family demographics and program type differences. Asia Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education, 16, 247 – 273   


Keengwe, G. (2023).  Examining Parent-Teacher Relationships in COVID-19 Pandemic in Early Childhood Programs. Research paper to be presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA). 

Kalonde, G, & Keengwe, J. (March 2023). Rural Classroom Technology Integration Barriers During the Covid Pandemic. Paper to be presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) International Conference. New Orleans, LA. 

UND Graduate Research Achievement Day (GRAD)

Student  Program  Presentation title 
Shaylah Anderson  CPCS  Needs Assessment for Rural Healthcare Provider’s Working with Substance Use Disorders, Substance Abuse, and Addiction 
Allyssa Baumbach  EFR  Faculty Motivation for Research: Analysis of Gender, Family Status, and Marital Status Effects 
Christina Burns  CPCS  Twin Pandemic: Experiences of Rural Marginalized Youth 
Christopher Choate  HE  Planning, Designing, and Constructing a Successful Collegiate Environment 
Dana Conzemius  CPCS  Rural School Climate: Impact Change Before and After COVID-19 Pandemic 
Andrea Doyan  CPCS  Seeking Safety Intercention for Interpersonal Violence 
Matthew Evans  CPCS  Virtual Gender Exloration: Avatar Creation as Gender Affirming Care 
Ben Gilbert  CPCS  Experiences of Manhood: Adherence to Masculine Norms, Minority Stress, and its Impact on Mental Health Help-Seeking Attitudes in Transmasculine Individuals 
Laura Gorman  CPCS  Impact of Substance Use and Perceptions of Social Support on Psychological Distress following Traumatic Brain Injury 
Michael Herbert  HE  Faculty Member’s Perceptions and Use of Learning Analytics 
Kamryn Holtz  CPCS  School Health Hub’s Adaptation of a Gender-Sexuality Alliance for Elementary-Aged Children 
Jordan Jaeger  EFR  Predicting Researching Success Among University Faculty Through Motivation and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 
Ivie Turner  ECE  Intergenerational Play 
Sherry Zeng  CPCS  Childhood experiences, emotion management, and adult romantic relationship satisfaction among ethnic minorities 
Muhammad Salahuddin  EFR  How Does Faculty Members’ Emotion Affect their Research Productivity? An International Faculty Perspective 
Anna Nguyen, Genel Gronkowski, Andrew Lenway, & Topaza Yu
CPCS  Experiences and Perceptions of the Supervisory Relationship in BIPOC Health Service Psychology Dyads 
Hyungwoo Jo  HE  Residence Life Program: Student Success Outcomes 
Lisa Gusewelle  EDL  Effectiveness of a scripted direct instruction reading program for students with attention, speech, and hearing difficulties 
Crystal Lundmark  CPCS  Language Accessibility and Competency in Working With Deaf Clients in Mental Health in the Rural Midwest 
Allyson Muehlemann  EDL  The Push for Excellence in Patient Education: Neurologic Physical Therapy 
Tammie Rich-Worden  TESOL  Adult English Language Lessons for Effective and Equitable Home-School Relations 
Terrill Taylor  CPCS  An Experimental Vignette Study on Race, Harm Severity, Restorative Justice, and College Student Discipline 
Sarah Zacher  T&L  Cultivating a Culturally Relevant and Responsive History Classroom 
Kimberly Tom (psych), Brenda Barragan, Tiffany Chiu, & Nesreen Jaber
The role of cultural humility in clinical supervision: Working alliance and supervisor development




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