CEHD Research In Press: February 2024


Dr. Pempho Chinkondenji won the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), 2024 Joyce Cain Award for Distinguished Research on People of African Descent. Pempho received this award for her article titled, “Schoolgirl pregnancy, dropout or pushout?: An Ubuntucentric re-construction of the education for student mothers in Malawi.” Each year with the Joyce Cain Award, CIES recognizes an outstanding scholarly article that explores themes related to people of African descent, reflects the scholarly purpose of the Society, and showcases excellence, namely originality and methodological, theoretical, and empirical rigor. She will receive this award (together with the outstanding dissertation award) in two weeks at the 2024 CIES Conference in Miami, Florida.

Drs. Ryan Flinn and Karla Fehr received a grant from the College of Arts & Sciences Multi-investigator Seed Grants Initiative. The proposal is entitled, “Mechanisms Linking Sleep and Substance Use Among College Students Who Use Substances Frequently”.

Dr. Josh Hunter and GRO.UND is collaborating on a grant ($3,250) with Grand Forks Public Health and NDSU Extension from ND Health and Human Services for a school garden project at Head Start at Lake Agassiz Elementary. By May 31, 2024, their team will increase footage of the current gardening space, increase the integrity of all gardens on site and create a space for pollinators at the Grand Forks Head Start location. Also, during the month of April and May, 2024, our team will offer weekly opportunities for students to learn about gardening through hands-on experiences. This grant will provide the necessary supplies needed for this project.

UND Graduate Research Achievement Day took place on February 27th (online) and 28th (on-campus). Well over 400 people took part in this event, whether as presenters, judges, or volunteers to see and talk with students about their research. CEHD was well represented with 63 student presenters (see names, programs, and titles below) and multiple faculty judges. CEHD students took home several prizes for their outstanding work:

1st place ($500) – Chandler Tobeck, Counseling Psychology

2nd place ($300) – Matt Torgerson, Teaching & Leadership

3rd place ($200) – Muhammad Salahuddin, Educational Foundations & Research


CEHD faculty are in bold, and CEHD students are underlined


Russell, Flinn, R., Fehr, K. & Wycoff (2024). Mechanisms linking sleep and substance use among college students who use substances frequently. UND College of Arts & Sciences Multi-investigator Seed Grants Initiative ($29,805).


De Silva, R. (2024). The divine feminine: Calling back the treasured moʻolelo from the forbidden past to heal the present. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies https://doi.org/10.1177/153270862312247

Carpenter, A. J., Feraud-King, T., Lewis, T., Stephens-Peace, K. J., Chinkondenji, P., Stanislaus, E., & George Mwangi, C. (2024). Rage In (and Out) the Cage: Black Students’ Negotiation of Safety. Journal of Black Studies, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/00219347241233772

Rutten, L., Butville, D., & Dvir, B. (2024). Leaning into difficult topics: Inquiry communities as teacher professional learning for turbulent times. Journal of Teacher Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/00224871241231543

Mitic, R.R. (2024). The role of family cultural capital to predict study abroad participation in first-generation U.S. undergraduates. Journal of First-Generation Student Success. https://doi.org/10.1080/26906015.2024.2323462

Mitic, R.R. (2024). Beyond the 85%: Preparing student affairs practitioners in support of graduate and professional students. In J. Clark & J. Smith (Eds.) Preparing New Student Affairs Professionals: Guidance from Faculty and Practitioners (pp. 203-219). NASPA.


Foley-Nicpon, M., & Teriba, A. (2024, February 1). Policy considerations for twice-exceptional students. Sage Perspectives. https://perspectivesblog.sagepub.com/blog/policy-considerations-for-twice-exceptional-students

Siipola, K., & Azizova, Z. T. (2024, February). Student Success and Belonging for Students who Identify on the Autism Spectrum. Presentation at Saint College, Minneapolis, MN.

Tweeten, J., & Hung, W. (Accepted). Design-based research method in PBL/PjBL: A case in nursing education. Paper to be presented at a symposium “Research methodologies for studying PBL/PjBL” at AERA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, April 11-14, 2024.

Max, B., Suazo-Flores, E., & Kastberg, S. (2024, February). Problem posing and geometry standards: Building from preservice elementary teachers’ initial efforts [Conference presentation]. Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Orlando, FL.

Roetker, L. & Suazo-Flores, E. Classroom conversations: Cultivating mathematics classrooms that foster varied paths of learning and understanding. Professional Development Webinars. https://www.nctm.org/online-learning/Webinars/Details/689

Melanie Gregg, Hairui Liu, Peter Hastie (accepted). Operationalizing physical literacy through Sport Education in a Canadian elementary physical education program. European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology 2024 Annual Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria.

Nelson, K. L., Wilke, B., Seidler, F., Holtz, K., Panicker, D. (Feb. 10 – 13, 2024). Meeting North Dakota Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Rural and Underserved School-Based Mental Health Needs. North Dakota Counseling Association Conference. Bismarck, ND.

Holtz, K. & Nelson, K. L., Anderson, S., Panicker, D. (Feb. 10 – 13, 2024). Elementary Gender Sexuality Alliances Save Lives: A Group Model to Decrease Health Disparities and Mental Health Outcomes & Positively Impact Educational Outcomes. North Dakota Counseling Association Conference. Bismarck, ND.

Panicker, D. & Nelson, K. L. (Feb. 10 – 13, 2024). Intersecting Identities and Intersectional Experiences: Exploring the Experiences of Racism and Heterosexism in BIPOC LGBTQ+ Individuals. North Dakota Counseling Association Conference. Bismarck, ND.

Rutten, L. (2024, February 6). The contemporary practitioner research movement: Today and tomorrow. Invited guest lecture for doctoral students in the School of Teaching & Learning, College of Education, University of Florida (UF).

Anair, M. (2024). Separate & unequal: Non-credit students in higher education. Presentation at the University of North Dakota Three Minute Thesis Competition. Virtual.

Midkiff, Emily and Sara Austin. (2024). “Riding Out the Apocalypse in a Big Comfy Chair: The Role of Hope and Cozy Fiction in Children’s Literature and Social Media Activism.” Children’s Literature Association Conference.

Midkiff, Emily. (2024). “Comfy Being Gay: Cozy Fantasy for Children and YA.” International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) conference.

Sorby, M., Desjarlais, C., & Dahl, E., (2024, February) Comparing Microaggression and Social Exclusion Experiences in Native/Indigenous-Identifying Individuals. Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2024 Annual Convention. San Diego, CA, United States: Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Dahl, E. & Sorby, M. (2024, February) The Relationship between Social Identity Complexity and Social Well-Being in Urban and Rural Adults. Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2024 Annual Convention. San Diego, CA, United States: Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

UND Graduate Research Achievement Day

First Name Last Name Program Abstract Title
Andrea Doyon Counseling Consent Teachings in Sex Education: A Qualitative Study
Chandler Tobeck Counseling Psyc Suicide among American Indian/Alaska Native People: A Systematic Review
Devika Panicker Counseling Psyc Intersecting Identities and Intersectional Experiences: Exploring the Experiences of Racism and Heterosexism in BIPOC LGBTQ+ Individuals
Gabriella Montero Counseling Psyc Exploring Impacts of Multigenerational Historical Trauma on Indigenous Academic Outcomes
Dana Conzemius-Schindler Counseling Psyc An Exploratory Investigation of the Impact of Psychological Intimate Partner Violence on College Women: A Qualitative Study
Shaylah Anderson Counseling Psyc Exploring the Stories of Growing up Rural and LGBTQ+: A Narrative Analysis of Challenges, Strengths, and Identity
Tiffany Chiu Counseling Psyc A Cultural Adaptation Process: Understanding Emotional Experiences of Asians and Asian Americans
Topaza Yu Counseling Psyc Exploration of how Empathy, Intellectual Humility, and Self-Awareness Influence the Perceived Levels of Cultural Humility in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Health Service Psychology (HSP) Trainees.
India Stockert Counseling Psyc Gender Differences in Emotion Regulation and how it Relates to Emotional Reactivity
Molly Hacker Counseling Psyc Self-Stigma of Mental Illness Amongst Medical Students: A Scoping Review Protocol
Crystal Lundmark Counseling Psyc Exploration of Perceived Accessibility of Healthcare for People with Disabilities in Rural Areas
Drew Lenway Counseling Psyc The Role of Supervisory Style and Self-Efficacy in Novice Clinical Supervisors
Kamryn Holtz Counseling Psyc Elementary GSA Save Lives: A Group Model to Decrease Health Disparities and Mental Health Outcomes & Positively impact Educational Outcomes
Christina Burns Counseling Psyc Childhood maltreatment and mental health in early adulthood: Exploring the role of emotion regulation
Aaron Cooper Counseling Psyc  Understanding the Grieving Process of Former Collegiate Athletes
Kelsey Klinger Counseling Psyc Examining the Impact of Engineering Identity Among Latine Individuals
Justin Phillippi Counseling Psyc Design and Implementation of a Peer Supported Mentorship Program for Enhancing Mental Wellness among Probationary Firefighters
Kathryn Ellingson Counseling Psyc Stress Management Among Student-Athletes: Understanding the Utilization of Stress Management Techniques
Nesreen Jaber Counseling Psyc Arab American Masculinity and Mental Health
Matthew Evans Counseling Psyc A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study of TGD Youth’s Utilization of Video Game Avatars during Identity Development.
Sherry Zeng Counseling Psyc Preliminary Data Analysis: Childhood emotional maltreatment, emotion regulation, and adult romantic relationship satisfaction among ethnic minorities
Anna Nguyen Counseling Psyc Latinas in Engineering: Microaggressions, Support, Multiple Roles, Work Satisfaction, and Turnover Intentions
Brenda Barragan Counseling Psyc Mental Health Stigma Among Emerging Latina Adolescents Help-Seeking Intentions
Sydney Raboin EHBS Visualizing Victory: The Role of Imagery in Empowering Athletes Battling Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Komal Mangle EHBS Evaluation of injured athletes’ motivation during the recovery process using the Transtheoretical Model
Hyungwoo Jo EHBS In-Flight Approach & Landing: The Unknown Variable
Mosab Abu Al Foul EHBS The Arab Spring and Higher Education Protests: A Social Movement Theory Media Analysis
Dedan Kusaga EHBS Factors that Contribute to International Black Students’ Sense of Belonging in Predominantly White Institutions
Ellyssa Peterson EHBS The Gut-Brain Connection: Elevating Mental Health and Performance in Sports and Physical Activity through  Imagery
Joni Tweeten EHBS Using a Design-Based Research Approach to Implement and Evaluate Project-Based Learning in Population Health Nursing Education
Maylynn Riding In EFR Risk Factor Patterns for Elder Abuse among US Indigenous Peoples: Native Elder Maltreatment Survey Secondary Data Analysis
Allyssa Baumbach EFR  Microaggressions and Faculty Motivation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Impact of Gender and Family Roles
Christine Litzinger EFR Early Qualitative Interview findings on a year one Science of Reading Implementation
Kevin Read EFR Higher social and intellectual aspirations: The teacherage’s place in rural progressive education
Muhammad Salahuddin EFR Faculty Technological and Research Proficiencies as Predictors of Research Success
Richard Hoberg EFR Comparing factors influencing rural school reorgnization in North Dakota
Lacey Anderson EFR Diversity in Food and Agricultural Programs: Learning from graduate students of color
Percy Kpodo EFR International Student Experiences in Native English-Speaking Countries: Postgraduate Motivations and Realities in the US.
Randy Perkins EFR Faculty Opinions and Experience with ChatGPT at a Tribal College in Minnesota
Rabeya Khatun EFR Elementary Teachers Perception towards Climate Change Education: Understanding from a Climate Vulnerable Community
Maire Brandenburg EFR Transition Programming for Students Classified with Emotional Disturbances in Mid-Western Rural America
Charles Grolla Ed Practice & Leadership Culturally Responsive Curriculum for Ojibwe students
Vesna Radivojevic Ed Practice & Leadership Teacher Diversity in International Schools: How Truly International Are International Schools?
Greg Mullen Ed Practice & Leadership A New Bioecological Model of Human Development
Cortney Shuley Ed Practice & Leadership The Impact of Culturally Relevant Engineering Design on Student Outcomes and Engagement
Sike Olateru-Olagbegi IDT Investigations of the Effects of Microlearning in the Workplace
Maria Zaman Teaching & Leadership The Relationship between International Students’ Perceived English Language Competence and Academic Success in the U.S.
Fang Liu Teaching & Leadership Exploring the college students EFL learning engagement under the context of blended learning
Sarah Zacher Teaching & Leadership Supporting Native American Student Self-Efficacy, Engagement, and Persistence Through Near-Peer Mentoring
Talia Vazquez Teaching & Leadership Creating A Supportive Classroom Community
Jill Baird Teaching & Leadership Cross-Curricular Learning: A Comprehensive Review of Digital Literacy and Social Emotional Learning
Krista Steele Teaching & Leadership Higher Education Faculty and Student Accommodations: A Review of the Literature
Frannie Tunseth Teaching & Leadership Insights from the Heartland: Examining Teacher Perceptions of Trauma-Informed Education in Rural Schools
Sara Tezel Teaching & Leadership AI in the Classroom Could be a Problem. Professors Are the Solution.
Minnie Kalyanasundaram Teaching & Leadership Evaluation of a pilot pre-matriculation program for entry-level medical students at an upper mid-west medical school
Darian Sherva Teaching & Leadership Why are teachers leaving the classroom?
Allyse Dunnigan Teaching & Leadership Practices of North Dakota vocal music educators with exemplary implementations of culturally responsive education
Stacey Skarperud Teaching & Leadership Navigating the Role of Professors in Supporting Students Mental Health
Katy Ries Teaching & Leadership Working Conditions and Teacher Burnout
Matt Torgerson Teaching & Leadership Exploring Strategies for Enhancing Student Attendance: A Rural Minnesota School Case Study
Brenda Epling Teaching & Leadership Evidence of Preparedness of Teacher Preparation Program Completers
Colin Wong Teaching & Leadership The Neglected Mental Health Challenges of First Generation College Students




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