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EE & ME Graduates: Career Opportunity at Grand Forks Air Force Base

Opportunity for Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Graduates:

Grand Forks Air Force Base

Entry Level Engineer (GS-07)

(New graduates should qualify for this level)



  • Performs necessary calculations, prepares layout and detailed drawings on relatively routine projects
  • Studies engineering texts, periodicals, manufacturers’ publications and other technical material to obtain information on materials, equipment and pertinent data.
  • May visit sites to obtain specified information on environmental factors, condition of existing systems, etc.
  • Reviews shop drawings for adherence to contact specifications and brings any deviations to the attention of the higher-grade engineer or supervisor.
  • Adapts practices and techniques to specific situations, adjusts and correlates data, recognizes discrepancies and deviations in results, and follows operations through a series of related detailed steps or processes.
  • Makes preliminary selections and adaptations of engineering alternatives and, after approval by the supervisor or higher grade engineer, carries out the sequence of details.
  • Receives formal and on-the-job instruction and training, designed to provide experience in the practical application of electrical engineering principles, techniques, and concepts.
  • Using software to manage projects including CADD, MS OFFICE, etc.
  • Assisting in coordination of projects


If interested, contact :


Jeffrey Fuqua

Chief, Portfolio Optimization


Grand Forks AFB, ND