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Upcoming workshops for faculty & graduate students (March 27-May 8)

This spring, UND’s Energy Sovereignty for Indigenous People (ESIP) Global Initiative is sponsoring workshops via Zoom that are open to all UND faculty and graduate students. We hope you will join us! Registration information is provided below.

Series 1: Collaborating Across Cultures

Oftentimes when conducting research, especially with Tribal Nations and Communities, Research Universities enact their research agenda and cultural norms and take a paternalistic approach in collaborations. This approach does not allow for a foundation of mutual respect and expertise to be shared. It minimizes the knowledge, connection, and culture of these communities and the broader implications of research outcomes. This workshop series will focus on understanding the impact of colonization and current issues facing Native populations in our region and how we can utilize this knowledge to better inform research practices when working with Tribal Nations and other cultures.

Session 1: History, Cultural Context, and Implications of Colonization on Tribal Nations

March 27th from 11-12:30 via Zoom

Presenter: Prairie Rose Seminole

This session will focus on providing a brief background of the history of Native Nations along with the impacts of colonization on Indigenous peoples.


Session 2: How to conduct research in a way that honors the sovereignty of Tribal Nations

April 3rd from 11-12:30 via Zoom

Presenter: Prairie Rose Seminole

This session will build on information presented in session 1, and focus on how to collaborate with Tribal Nations and other cultures and conduct research in an ethical way. This session will focus on data ownership and sovereignty of Tribal Nations.



Series 2: Bringing Joy to your Teaching Career: How to Fall in Love with Teaching

For new instructors teaching can be overwhelming, especially in the current climate for higher education. Classrooms can begin to feel bogged down with challenges and issues that detract from the joy of helping students learn and the excitement of fostering their curiosity and intellectual growth. This two-session series will center on the basics of creating effective learning environments that allow you and your students to focus on the positive social engagement that fosters their growth.

Session 1: Designing Effective Learning Environments

April 10th from noon-1pm via Zoom

Presenters: Wayne Seames and Anne Kelsch

Topics include: 1) learning modules 2) the learning taxonomy 3) the use of assessment instruments to ensure that your students engage with course material 4) blended and flipped instructional techniques 5) case studies, problem-based learning assignments and projects 6) generative AI and 7) special considerations for remote learners.


Session 2: Techniques that Foster Engagement and Learning

April 15th from noon-1pm via Zoom

Presenters: Wayne Seames and Anne Kelsch

Topics include: 1) improving engagement 2) concept checking techniques 3) open ended questions 4) using case studies and problem-based learning PBL to increase engagement 6) tutorial videos and their importance for the current generation of learners, 7) using feedback technology 8) engagement with remote learners.



Series 4: Networking and Collaborations

May 8th from 11-noon via Zoom

Presenters: Wayne Seames and Daphne Pedersen

Learn how networking with others and forming collaborations can advance your academic career and enrich your academic activities and experiences.