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Dakota Venture Group Applications Open | Learn About Venture Capital Investing

The Dakota Venture Group’s Spring recruitment is officially open, and we are seeking applications from ambitious students of all backgrounds. DVG is a completely student-run venture capital fund. Simply put, venture capital is the industry of making investments in private companies of all stages, but at DVG we focus on investing in early-stage startups. We invest in startups that we believe will grow to provide a 10x or greater return on investment. Dakota Venture Group currently manages about $2 million in donated and invested capital distributed over 30+ companies. Arguably the most unique part of Dakota Venture Group is the fact that it is entirely student-run. We have no professors, or bosses directing us to make decisions. From paying rent to writing checks to startups, we make every decision.



You can apply to DVG by visiting our website,, or for more information reach out to Applications are due Sunday, February 20th at midnight. Still not convinced? Check out all the benefits listed below.


Opportunities within DVG



Dakota Venture Group members range across majors in the business school as well as members from a variety of other colleges, such as aviation, engineering, and mines. We want students from a variety of backgrounds to apply so we can successfully evaluate businesses in varying industries. Our members work hard both in and out of school and are bound to be extremely valuable contacts in the future. Additionally, we have over 170 alumni working in varying industries, some are even founders now themselves.

Besides the members of DVG, we also have a network of CEOs, investors, industry leaders, and advisors, who are all more than willing to meet members of DVG. Our ability to meet successful people is unparalleled by any other group on campus. Many of our advisors currently lead or have led businesses with valuations in the excess of $100 million.


Career Development:

Members of Dakota Venture Group are not required to have ANY prior experience in business, investing, or startups, however becoming knowledgeable in these areas is an outcome of joining the group. Our members have access to a great network, and we have several board observing seats on various invested companies. Additionally, we meet and screen companies looking for investment – leading to new or solidified business knowledge, valuable to anyone pursuing any career. We have also had students intern and work full-time for portfolio companies and advisors’ businesses.



Previous and current members have traveled to Florida, Minneapolis, Helsinki Finland, Denver, London England, and throughout the Midwest. We often travel to visit our portfolio companies, to entrepreneurship events, and to pitch meetings.



Reach out to with any questions, we will follow up with a phone call or email!