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News and notes from UND's Chester Fritz Library

Library Master Planning Workshops

The Chester Fritz Library planning team has progressed on the development of the Chester Fritz Library Master Plan, applying input provided by stakeholders and ensuring the plan is informed by the guiding principles. The CFL has been benchmarked against best-practice learning commons to determine long-term space allocations, including incorporation of the proposed Student Collaboration Center. Project phasing is being evaluated to minimize disruption and accommodate potential budget limitations. At this point, we are proceeding with obtaining further input at a more programmatic and needs-based level, to facilitate the actual design, which has not yet been determined.

The upcoming workshop sessions starting Tuesday, Dec. 8, will include both large open forums and small focus groups. At the open forums, the master plan progress, including the project vision and guiding principles, will be presented for review and comment by a broad spectrum of stakeholders. The small focus groups will allow the team to confirm user needs, review and refine planning concepts and validate implementation plans. Topics include alignment of space planning and:

  • Collections management
  • Special collections
  • Service delivery models
  • Knowledge partner needs
  • Graduate and faculty needs
  • Facilities condition issues and development of a prototype furniture plan for level 2 that will allow the University to test new concepts and layouts prior to commencing full design.

Workshop Open Forum Schedule:

  • Chester Fritz Library Master Planning Stakeholder Town Hall Meeting: Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1 – 2:30 p.m., Memorial Union Lecture Bowl
  • Chester Fritz Library Master Planning Town Hall Meeting: Thursday Dec. 10, 2015 10:30 a.m. – noon, Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

Chris R. Wetch, Design Project Manager, Facilities Management