Chester Fritz Library Updates

News and notes from UND's Chester Fritz Library

Library Renovation: 12/10/18

Good morning, everyone! We’re planning to have weekly updates about what is happening with our renovation. If you’d like to follow only the renovation updates, check out the Renovation Updates page on this blog.

We will remain open during the entire project. During Finals Week, we will take efforts to keep the noise to a minimum.

What’s already been done?

We’ve relocated the following collections to the west side of the 3rd floor (near the computer lab):

  • DVDs
  • Popular Reading (formerly in the Reading Room)
  • Newspapers
  • Games

What’s going on this week?

This week, we will be tackling the following projects:

  • Finishing the relocation of library staff who had offices on the 1st floor to 2nd floor.
  • Removing the old, worn-out furniture from 1962 and 1982.
  • Continuing to solve parking complications.

1st Floor Updates

  • Remove empty shelving from the east side (law-school side) of the building.
  • Continue moving cabinets that contain microform (microfilm, microfiche, etc.) and maps to the Core Library. All relocated collections will be stored in the Core Library during the renovation.

2nd Floor Updates

  • End of week – remove furniture to be ready for asbestos removal next week.

3rd Floor Updates

  • Shifting of the book collection continues on east side – must be finished by the end of the week.
  • Empty out storage items in old faculty carrels.
  • End of week – remove furniture for start of asbestos removal next week.

What’s coming up?

Phase 1

Asbestos removal will mostly occur over intersession.

Phase 2

North Entry renovation will begin in February 2019. The South Entry (facing the quad) will be open during this time.

Phase 3

South Entry renovation. The North Entry will be renovated and open during this time.