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ALMA Conversion: Library Service Changes

Dear colleagues:

As you likely know, the UND Libraries have been involved in a major library system conversion, moving from our old Ex Libris Aleph library system to the new Ex Libris ALMA product.  This is a statewide initiative whereby all academic libraries in the Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) are undertaking this conversion, with the exception of NDSU Libraries, which converted to ALMA in 2015.  (ODIN public libraries just completed a similar conversion, but selected the Polaris system, which is better suited to their needs.)  This has been a 2-year project, and we’re in the home stretch: our Go Live date is July 30!

However, we’re now at the point where we have to briefly turn off some services in Aleph while data is migrated and services are transitioned.  This cannot be avoided:  we have to have one system “off” for some days before the new one can be “on”.  This will affect many, but not all, services.  Mostly, the services affected will be those requiring some staff intervention or assistance.  The list below summarizes how several library services will or won’t be affected:

  1. Catalog Look-Up:  You will still be able to use our library catalog to view our holdings.  This will be completely unaffected.
  2. E-Resources:  You will still be able to search for e-journals and e-books, search various databases, look for e-journals, and the like.  This will be unaffected as well.
  3. Interlibrary Loans (ILL):  ILL will be affected.  You will not be able to order any materials directly via our catalog.  However, we have an alternate form that allows you to place an ILL request.  If you have not used this form before, please use the “Register” button first.  In both cases, log in using your standard UND user name (typically firstname.lastname) and password.  For more information, see the ILL site.  If you have any difficulty, please contact Joan Miller, ILL Associate, at
  4. Purchase Requests:  We are unable to order any materials through our library system until July 30.  All purchases must go through Aleph/ALMA, however they are ordered.  You may submit requests or recommendations through your subject librarian as always, but please be aware there will be a delay as we can not actually make these orders until we are “live” again.
  5. Rush Requests:  We normally accommodate all kinds of rush requests – for orders, for rush cataloging, for rush ILLs, and more.  This will not be possible until July 30.
  6. Cataloging:  No cataloging whatsoever will be done from July 10-30.  No records can be added, modified, or deleted in any way.

We thank you for your patience during this complex, exciting time, and we look forward to offering you improved library services with our new system.  If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Walker, Dean of Libraries & Information Resources, at or x2619.