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Love Data Week at CFL

Love Data Week provides us with an opportunity to learn about data, how to make good use of it, and to recognize its importance across all that we do. The Chester Fritz Library is celebrating Love Data week with a “UND Data in the Wild” data visualization display and “Data Management with Pokémon” workshop.

Data Management with Pokémon

Join librarians Zeineb Yousif and Brittany Fischer for an introduction to data management with examples from Pokémon. In this activity-orientated workshop, you will learn more about file naming and documentation for managing your data. This workshop will be held over Zoom. Register here.

“UND Data in the Wild”

Data visualization refers to graphic representations of data. It can be difficult to interpret data simply by looking at numbers, and data visualizations offer a way to more clearly communicate your information. This display includes data visualizations by UND authors for datasets deposited in the UND Scholarly Commons. Stop by the Chester Fritz Library South Entrance to see the data visualization display up in action!