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Microsoft Word Workshop

Microsoft Word 102: I’ve Typed a Bunch of Words, Now What?

You have typed out a bunch of words into Word, the rumored hardest part of any paper. Except now you need to make this paper follow APA guidelines, and you wanted to include a table, and a picture of your cat. How are you ever going to get it turned in on time now? Oh, wait. You attended the online Microsoft Word 102 Workshop with Emily Wros the Chester Fritz System’s Librarian on Thursday, March 10 at 12:30pm. In that workshop, you learned how to:

  • Add page numbers and other features to your headers and footers
  • Insert images, tables, and graphs
  • Use hanging indents
  • Remove formatting
  • Use a table of contents and other ways to boost accessibility
  • Use additional resources and troubleshoot

To save yourself a future headache, register for the online Microsoft Word 102 Workshop.