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Field Work: The capstone of UND’s Social Work education

Kole Glass’22 completed her fieldwork at the Heart River Correctional Center (HRCC) in Mandan, ND.

Field Education is the capstone of a social work education at the University of North Dakota. It provides an exciting opportunity to integrate what students have learned in the classroom into social work practice at both the generalist and advanced generalist levels.

UND partners with numerous regional field agency sites to provide student fieldwork experiences.

A Student Perspective on Fieldwork

Kole Glass ’22 is a B.S.S.W. graduate who completed her fieldwork at the Heart River Correctional Center (HRCC) in Mandan, ND. After completing the fieldwork experience and graduating, Glass was hired by HRCC to continue working with the organization.

The minimum security facility’s client base are women sentenced to serve a minimum one-year prison sentence.

“I have learned that most of the women who reside in the correctional center have had some personal traumas,” shares Glass. “Using drugs or alcohol is how they knew to cope or meet their needs.” Most of the incarcerated women have some sort of substance use, such as alcohol or drugs, or are serving their sentences for property theft.

Front-Line Advocates

Glass says that the social workers within HRCC are there to help the residents get into treatment programs. Social Workers also work with social services regarding their children or foster parents and assist with the court system and legal paperwork. “The social workers are truly the front-line advocates,” says Glass. Through this role, social workers obtain every possible service to ensure these women succeed when released into the community. “My internship through HRCC has been an eye-opening experience into what social work in a correctional setting looks like,” says Glass.

Glass has always had a passion for helping others and has wanted to specialize in addiction. “This field placement has shown me that I truly made the right choice in pursuing my degree in social work.”

UND is proud to offer graduate (M.S.W.) and undergraduate (B.S.S.W.) degrees in social work and is now accepting applications. The UND Department of Social Work provides in-person or online distance education opportunities and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).



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