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Dr. Mark Jendrysik presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies

Mark Jendaysik
Mark Jendrysik

Dr. Mark Jendrysik presented his research “Does Utopia Have a Future?” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies in November 2018 in Berkeley, CA.

Founded in 1975, The Society for Utopian Studies (SUS) is an international, interdisciplinary association devoted to the study of utopianism in all its forms, with a particular emphasis on literary and experimental utopias. Scholars representing a wide variety of disciplines are active in the association, and approach utopian studies from such diverse backgrounds as American Studies, Architecture, the Arts, Classics, Cultural Studies, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, History, Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Urban Planning.  Although many Society members are involved in social activism or communitarianism, the purpose of the Society itself is to study utopianism rather than to pursue utopian projects. (retrieved from