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Dr. Kate Campbell and Dr. Duane Helleloid research article accepted for publication in the journal Issues in Accounting Education!

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kate Campbell, Chair and Professor in the Department of Accountancy & Information Systems, and Dr. Duane Helleloid, Professor in The Middle School of Entrepreneurship & Management for their article accepted for publication in the journal Issues in Accounting Education.

Title: Ann Hopkins and PwC: Critically Analyzing Culture, Leadership, Policies, and Reporting for Diversity and Inclusion

Journal: Issues in Accounting Education (JQL Level 4)

Authors: Katherine Campbell and Duane Helleloid

Abstract: Large public accounting firms are currently prioritizing diversity and inclusion and making commitments to increased transparency by publishing diversity, equity, and inclusion reports. This case explores PwC’s self-described diversity and inclusion journey by juxtaposing the firm’s first publicly released diversity and inclusion report with the decades-earlier experience of Ann Hopkins, who became a partner as the result of a landmark Supreme Court case. This approach provides a longitudinal perspective on diversity and inclusion and facilitates analysis of the roles of organizational policies/procedures, organizational culture, and leadership in creating a more inclusive organization. The case presents an opportunity to analyze PwC’s published diversity data and explore the challenges firms face when trying to increase diversity and develop an inclusive culture.