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Dr. Sean Valentine paper accepted for publication in Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal

Dr, Sean Valentine, Chair and Professor in The Middleton School of Entrepreneurship & Management, paper accepted for publication in Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Order of authors:Sean Valentine (University of North Dakota)Patricia Meglich (University of Nebraska Omaha)Robert Giacalone (John Carroll University)Journal: Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal (JQL Level 2)Abstract: A substantial body of work highlights the negative impact of workplace bullying on individuals and their employers. However, limited research has investigated how bullying influences the work environment, which may further harm employees’ experiences. Using multiple perspectives and time-lagged data collected from business professionals, this study explores the degree to which perceived workplace bullying, perceived work injustice, and a negative work attitude are positively interrelated. The hierarchical regression and mediation analyses indicated that bullying perceptions were positively related to perceived distributive and procedural injustice, and that perceived distributive and procedural injustice were positively related to job dissatisfaction and turnover intention. Perceived bullying was related to the work attitudes either directly or indirectly through perceived injustice. As a negative environmental contagion, bullying appears to break psychological contracts and precipitate an unjust workplace, so managers should reduce bullying in an effort to mitigate employees’ perceptions of injustice and improve their work attitudes.

Additional paper Accepted includes:

“Filling a Theoretical “Black Box” Between Workplace Bullying and Poor Attitudes: Psychological Contract Violation, Work Injustice, and Negative Environmental Contagion.”