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Dr. Yanjun Zuo published in the Information Resource Management Journal and IEEE Access Journal.

Dr. Yanjun Zuo

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Yanjun Zuo, Professor of Accountancy, for his recent publications in the Information Resource Management Journal and IEEE Access.

Title: Towards a Learner-managed Education Credentialing System based on Blockchain

Journal: Information Resource Management Journal, (35)1, p.18, DOI: 10.4018/IRMJ.309983, 2022. (JQL 2).

Traditionally, a learner’s education credentials are maintained by each education institution. When individuals need to prove their education, they rely on their institutions to certify their education and learning records. This paper proposes a decentralized, learner-managed educational credentialing system based on blockchain, where the learners’ credentials are issued once, stored in a distributed system, and the learners have full control on how and who can access their credentials. We present the procedures for credential issuance, selective disclosure of an individual’s credentials chosen by each learner, and credential verification by a third party. A proof-of-concept smart contract system is developed to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed framework. The smart contracts are programed using the solidity programming language and tested on the Remix IDE. We present our simulation of the smart contracts to handle entity registration, credential information storage, credential verification, and education financial transactions.

Title: Tokenizing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – A Blockchain Approach for REC Issuance and Trading

Journal: IEEE Access, Vol. 10, pp.134477-134490, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3230937, 2022. (JQL 4).

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a market-based instrument and tracking mechanism for electricity generated from renewable sources as they flow into the power grid. The current REC issuance and tracking system is centralized, highly regulated, and operationally expensive. We proposed a blockchain-based, decentralized platform for REC issuance and trading by allowing greater traceability and transparency in transactions and reducing the operational costs of REC exchanges. The main design of the platform is to tokenize RECs and provides a decentralized, trustworthy mechanism for REC issuance, trading, verification, and retirement. The platform provides low costs, transparency, and easy to use. Representing RECs as blockchain tokens ensures that the trustworthy information is immutably recorded and available for all stakeholders to track and verify, thereby improving the reliability and security of the REC issuance and tracking systems. We present the design of the platform and detailed simulations of REC issuance and trading.