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Dr. Chih Ming Tan, paper presented at a conference at the Harris School of Public Policy

(Photo by Joe Sterbenc)
 (Photo by Joe Sterbenc)

Dr. Chih Ming Tan, Associate Dean for Research, Professor and Page Endowed Chair in Applied Economics for the Department of Economics & Finance, paper (joint work with Giovanni Bernardo, University of Naples, and Andros Kourtellos, University of Cyprus) entitled, “Equality Of Opportunity, the Great Gatsby Curve, and Polarization,” was presented at a conference on “New Methods to Measure Intergenerational Mobility” at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago, on November 11, 2023.

A collaboration between the Stone Center for Research on Wealth Inequality at the University of Chicago and the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics at the University of Michigan, the Conference on New Methods to Measure Intergenerational Mobility brought together researchers across disciplines who emphasized integrating methods in the study of mobility to provide a deeper analysis of empirical findings. Intergenerational mobility is a key dimension of socioeconomic inequality, and its empirical study has experienced a renaissance in the last 15 years. With the emergence of new datasets and new statistical models, we will address the growing need to effectively translate data into substantive mobility claims. The conference was particularly concerned with exploring new statistical models for characterizing the dependence of child outcomes on parental characteristics as well as investigating how statistical measures of mobility can be mapped to substantive claims about underlying mechanisms.