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Beyond the Resume, is Student Involvement Worth My Time?

We’ve all been encouraged to join student organizations from the second we stepped on campus. However, college students are busy and our time is valuable. Most students join organizations just so they can put it on their resume. However, there are so many other reasons why YOU should get involved. I asked four students who have been very active on campus to see what student involvement has done for them.

1. Ethics, Social Skills, and Professional Development

“Being involved in a DIVERSE (don’t just do things you know and are comfortable with) number of student organizations goes way beyond saying you have some “resume builders.” You get to grow and work with a number of different people that offer growth in personal and work ethics, social skills, and professional development. This will help you feel more and more comfortable as you work your way through college, to graduation, and the post-college success.”

-Nick Farris

Major(s): Marketing and Management

Involvement: Sigma Nu Fraternity, Club Hockey, Student Government, Marketing Club, Formula 5 Marketing Competition, ATLAS Program, UND Athletics.

2. Connections, Passion, and Growth

“Being involved on campus has helped me meet and connect with so many people. It is so exciting to hear about what my peers are passionate about outside of the classroom. I think that getting involved helps me stay motivated to grow with the community around me!”

-Michelle Nguyen

Major(s): Political Science and Economics

Involvement: Hockey Cheerleading, UND First Generation Student Club, Fellowship for Christian Athletes, National Scholarship Peer Advisors, Pancratz Mentor, Poolman Leadership Academy, Pre-Law Society, and Alpha Kappa Psi

3. Leadership, Friendship, and New Experiences

“I truly believe that, as a student, being involved in various clubs and student organizations is one of the best actions one can take to enhance their UND experience. During my time at UND, I had the chance to join several student clubs and organizations, and I don’t regret doing so in the least! Beyond the benefits of having these experiences listed on a resume, there are so many additional benefits that come as a result to being involved on-campus: leadership opportunities, pathways to many new friendships, and the chance to try something new and fun are just a few of these reasons!”

-Nate Chamberlain

Major(s): Operations & Supply Chain Management

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi, DECA, Operations & Supply Chain Club, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

4. Travel, Community, and Networking

“Being involved on campus has given me opportunities to travel, meet people outside my major, and build lifelong friendships. Being apart of student organizations has also allowed me to become part of the Grand Forks community where I have been able to network for potential jobs and make a difference in the community.”

-Gina Olson

Major(s): Accountancy and Leadership Minor

Involvement: DECA, Student Young Professionals, Provost Office

Nick, Michelle, Nate. and Gina share why each of them has enjoyed being involved at UND. From growing professionally to creating connections with peers to gaining leadership skills, there is no doubt why so many students participate in extracurricular activities. UND is home to over 250 student organizations, allowing each student to gather with like-minded individuals and create a close-knit community within a larger student body.

With only a few weeks into the semester, there is no better time to find your niche at UND. Check out the Student Involvement page ( ) on the UND website to discover the vast array of student organizations available to you.


-Sophia Priem